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Fireworks can cause problems for both domestic pets and wildlife. Should there be more restrictions on their use or should the law remain unchanged?
Ohhh. I like this new feature/forum smile.gif I voted that fireworks should be banned apart from use at professional displays.
I voted the same but wouldn't miss them if they were banned completely, Amber would though laugh.gif
metoo.gif Dogs don't mind them too much but i hate them!!
At peak firework time, I worry about leaving the house after dark, incase some idiot posts one through the letterbox and the dogs go to investigate.
I voted for professional displays only - after all even if you have to pay for an entrance fee you get a lot more for your money.

And, I really wouldn't miss them at all!!!
I voted for restriction to specified dates, then people who enjoy them can do so but those people with nervous dogs etc. can be prepared. As it is, fireworks can go off at any time - they seem to be getting more popular for birthdays etc. - without any warning. I'm not that keen on them myself!
Dog Rescue Lover
I voted for professional displays only. Both Pheobe and Lucy are petrified of fireworks. It causes Lucy to run around the house like a headless chicken barking until she is hoarse. Pheobe cuddles up as close as she can get to you and sits trembling. sad.gif

It's worse when fireworks just go off and it isn't even bonfire night mad.gif It really makes you jump. I like to look at fireworks, just wish they didn't make so much noise. Wouldn't be particularly bothered if they were banned totally. Don't go out around that time of the year, because of the dogs. We sit in with the telly on full blast, the stereo playing, all curtains shut and try and have a riot ourselves lol.gif
I voted for displays only. They are a complete menace and restricting them to specific times would not keep them out of the hands of the imbociles who abuse there use!! mad.gif
I must admit I voted for specific days but would rather have voted for one specific day, as in my area they start the week before Firework night and go on a week after. They drive me up the wall going on over so long mad.gif Dont know about you folks but they seem to be getting louder as well!!
You're very lucky if you 'only' suffer a week before and a week after. They've already started going off every now and then and it will get worse in the run up to november 5th and then won't go away completely until the idiots run out of new year fireworks sometime towards the middle of january err.gif
I voted for professional displays only - I still don't like them and we don't attend any at all as a family.

I feel safer at home with the kids looking out of the window and also knowing that we are here for the dogs.

River and Reznor don't really mind them but it is a good job there have been three lots let off in one week already around here. god knows how bad it will get by guy falks nite.
I have had a dog that was scared by them and it was a nightmare for everyone.

I have also had them thrown at me and my mums dog ( he was scared of them) by two men in a car. Also I have got a friend that had her cat killed by some heartless git that caught the cat tied fireworks to him and then set them of. to make matters worse they smashed her window and threw the burning cat in.
it beggers belief what some people do!

I think the desplays are fine but I don't see how fireworks are still on sale when every year hundreds of animals get hurt and thousands of people get hospitalised. not to mention the destress they cause to animals and people.

Dispalys only again smile.gif

I like them but only if its people who know what they are doing.

having said that we did have great fun a few years ago, my grandma had her 80th birthday and the weekend closest that everyone could make it up for was 5th November. so rather than a present she asked everyone to bring a firework each that was pretty and colourful but not too loud (she doenst like loud bangs) and after a meal the adults let the fireworksoff at the bottom of the garden while the OAP's kids and animals watched from their chosen location, either outside at the top of the garden or from inside.
I think the favourits were the fountainy ones that showered colored bits everywhere and the mile-high rockets my mums brother brought up, we are sure they only just missed a passing airoplane laugh.gif
Fireworks should be banned and for use only at professional displays. We all too well aware of the lethal consequences of the dangers involved when in the wrong hands.

Every year we dread the time around 5 November as people seem to think it is OK to let off fireworks at this time. It seems to go on forever which makes life very difficult for responsible pet owners esp c * ts, as unlike dogs it is far more difficult to keep them in.
Today I'm starting to wish fireworks could be banned forever. The 20th July Plymouth had a firework display as the end to a music festival, a week later someone in my area was letting off fireworks, about 3 weeks ago there was a 3 day National Firework Exhibition in Plymouth and last night someone in my area was letting off fireworks again. This is 6 nights of fireworks in 7 weeks, Dee Dee was so frightened last night she was shaking for about 30 minutes after the fireworks had finished.
lurcherlady said;
Dont know about you folks but they seem to be getting louder as well!!

The fireworks in the exhibition were so loud even my television turned up full volume couldn't shut out the noise, I think they are getting a lot louder.
Afraid I voted for 'only in the week of bonfire night' Simply because the so called professional displays are being used now for all occasions throughout the year, be it weddings, birthdays and suchlike. Surely we are allowed some respite.
At least if they were banned except for just the week we could be prepared, or what about banning the loud fireworks and only allowing so called 'silent' ones.
I voted for proffesional displays only. We never go to them, but it's a lot better than people having fireworks in their gardens. Most people round here have firework displays in their gardens. A lot of people carry them on until after midnight. Our next door neighbours usually have really big fireworks and the sparks come into our garden mad.gif Last year, they had loads of people round to watch them and they played very loud music too - it was really annoying err.gif
anita harvey
i hate them little sticks of fire and danger. i think they should only be allowed by organised displays for 1 week in november
anita harvey
i hate them little sticks of fire and danger. i think they should only be allowed by organised displays for 1 week in november mad.gif
I was disappointed that I couldn't vote for professional display only AND a restriction to November 5th week. Where I used to live they were going off practically all year what with Divali, chinese new year, carnival, little tommy's birthday etc. Round here it's a bit quieter and I shouldn't be surprised if we don't even hear any at all, which suits me fine. (Ray can we have an emoticon for "miserable old git") mad.gif
i voted for specific days only.
would you believe that fireworks have already been going off in this area,and its only just turned september.

where do people get them from at this time of year.

Mandy Yates
To take these explosives out of the hands of the young or lunatics would be a godsend. I voted for professional displays, in the hands of the professionals fireworks can look beautiful, something everyone can enjoy.

GSD fan
I voted for professional displays only just because of the safety aspect and idiots. My dogs aren't at all afraid of fireworks (don't know yet about the new rescue - she might well be) but, during the run up to 5th November my partner takes the dogs out after dark cos I'm terrified of fireworks and don't want to pass the fear on to the dogs.
Bonnie isn't bothered at all about them, but my old collie use to hide underneath our bed and that in itself was a feat cos I could hardly put my shoes underneath it!

Not sure about any other part of the country but here in Windermere, we have fireworks for Bonfire Night, Wedding celebrations, reunions, corporate evenings, sailing events etc. so its virtually every two/three weeks during the summer and as they are all near the lake the sound travels further sad.gif

I love them from a distance but hate them for the distress and yes I agree they ARE getting louder.

Locals here are screaming for a licence to be issued before they can be set off with 21 days notice similar to a liquor licence application which I think is a good idea because then they have to notify people before hand.

A total ban I don't think will ever happen, maybe a ban on the bangs might help though!
As a child I was terrified of fireworks but these days I quite like them.

How about voting for doing away with the bangs and keeping the pretty colours and lights? ... I can dream!
Only by professionals.
Misty, my grey hates them, the other 2 dont bother but then they are little devil.gif devil.gif

edited to add:
Can you believe, I have just went into the kitchen to get a drink, and there are kids out front letting off a firework mad.gif

Email I received today from one of our local councillors

We are having an effect with the campaign, the firework industry are offering to ban the sale of airbombs,we don't have all the details yet,and we can not trust them .we must keep up the pressure ,problems have already started in Denton, please inform me of any cases you deal with and inform the government... Cllr John Taylor Tameside.

Its Denton in Manchester by the way not from the TV series Frost.

it will soon be fireworks night again i think it should be only displays allowed not private ones wink.gif

I think just one day a year 5th Nov and that' that. You can then prepare for the noise. (but yes they do seem to get louder)

Julie and Molly
Carrie B
I voted for the professional displays only, especially round here as the other year it seemed to be one display after the other. We get to hear the fireworks for all events in the docks - such as the tall ships and around the world races as well as Cowes week on a clear night!

Tom Tom
All fireworks which go off with a "bang" should be banned. These are the ones which terrify animals and sensitive people.

Just resticting them to displays won't solve the problem, as animals can still hear them.

On the othe hand, I see no reason why such things as Roman candles and Catherine wheels should be banned, as they don't make a loud noise.
I voted for specific days its the end of September here and we have already had they going off all nite every nite for over two weeks im ready to pull my hair out!! I hate the thought of having to sedate Tzar because of other peoples irresponsible kids firing them off but think I may have to!!!!! mad.gif
Fireworks in our area (West Midlands) started several weeks ago - and will continue now until after 5th November - then start up again for Xmas and New Year. Where do the kids get the money to buy them, and who is selling them to under 16s?? We have 3 Pekes - and one is frightened of fireworks. I love fireworks - but only professionally run displays on 5th November, plus New Year, should be able to have them.
Katy Keen
I think it would be a real shame if fireworks were restricted to either specific days in the year or professional displays. What about if people want them for big birthday celebrations or weddings which don't happen to fall on those specific days, or they can't afford the thousands that professional displays cost?

However I agree that they are a menace around this time of year especially with kids who I've seen setting fireworks off in postboxes and in the street. It seems to me more control of the sale of fireworks would be a start and an emphasis on the responsible use of them by those that do want personal displays.

We live next door to a large hotel and whenever they are going to have displays they come round to let us know, which we greatly appreciate. Maybe there could be 'quiet zones' where people with particularly nervy animals or who just don't like fireworks could get together with the other houses on their streets and either organise a communal display or just agree to no personal displays, or only on Fireworks night.

Having said that though I do now live on a particularly neighbourly street and know that in other areas where I've lived that just wouldn't be possible.

Another problem seems to be that when it comes to increasing the awareness with the general public, that pets find fireworks scary, the emphasis is usually on the pet owners themselves. Perhaps there could be some kind of campaign to make people aware that if they know there's somebody in the street with animals, maybe they could let them know when they're going to use fireworks?

I seem to have gone on for quite a long time but I do think that we should not ban personal displays or use of fireworks except on specific days. There has to be some compromise, surely? err.gif
Oooops. I'm a bit late on this one!! But we seem to have a year round fireworks night mad.gif We live opposite the cemetary and the yobs seem to get in there for their fun. Plus the displays in the posh houses the other side during the summer. Luckily Murphy quite enjoy the fireworks. But I voted for displays only because they are advertised and people with nervous dogs would get some prior warning. But agree with the others, they are getting much louder.
hi ray lisa4 here i do agree firework are a big prob i also have kids who love them BUTi think there should be a set day and noone else should be alone to use them over than pro's. we are still hearing them now!
Luc's Mum
Hi all,
I'm really late posting on this as I've only just discovered this forum.
Luc is completely 'sound sensitive' and I voted for professional shows only.

We live on the edge of a small city and have continuous fireworks from sept through to feb. I am at my wits end in trying to keep Luc calm.
We have tried a desensitisation CD (sounds scary) and use serene-um during fireworks night and new year, but other than sedating him permanently, I don't know what else to try.
Someone has mentioned a plug in which omits pheromones. has anyone tried this?
Any help, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Best Regards
mary e
After New Year I`ve voted for professional displays only.This was our first experience of fire works and Buffy and she is terrified spent the night hiding under our bed

I voted for professional displays only, atleast then we would know when they are going to go off and can plan accordingly.

I have one dog who will sit on my balcony and watch them with me but the other is not so keen!! She is not scared but doesn't like them either.

I think they do so much damage to wildlife and domestic animals alike, that we have to have some kind of legal control over them.

Love Lorna, Keets & Kally
I cannot bear the terror that fireworks create for all animals. mad.gif
Cant wait for the new law comes into affect. The biggest reason for us giving up one of our dogs is fireworks. He goes absolutelty mental when they are going off, and he has no way of understanding whats going on. I phoned the police once to complain about my neighbour who set off fireworks in his garden at least once a week, and then had the cheek to complain to the council about the barking. The cops said he had every right but that the dogs where a statutory nusance. So I want to know why the invisilbe sound barrier that keeps the bangs from his fireworks away from my house dosnt keep the barking from going to his house.

only a controlled licenced display should be allowed with plenty of warning to residents, allowing time to organise for the dogs to be elsewhere. mad.gif
Rani's Mum
They scare the SSS out of me let alone any animals.
Alfies mum
I think they should all be handled by professionals !! after all, they are like mini explosives and can often end up being misused too.
voted for restictions to public displays
I voted for them only in licenced display's, I get fed up of hearing them going off at all hours of the day/night from about October through to January, My dog didnt used to be affraid of them untill last bonfire night when a neighbour's rocket blew up over our house and shook every pain of glass in our window's, frightend the life out of me too!
voted for a complete ban sorry to be a kill joy but they have just got out of hand they are far to big and dangerous you only had to look at the news were they went through peoples windows and caused so much damage not just to personel property but to human life

not to forget why this poll was taken but the damaged it does to pets and livestock and wildlife

banned ex prof, last year near near the 5th nov, I was out a walk with my friends dog, and some idiot had put a lite firework in a dog bin, imagine the damage it coud have caused.
I hate them and so does my dog mad.gif my cats are terrified as well mad.gif they should be restricted to special displays sad.gif
I've pasted this from dog chatter as its probably the last chance anyone will get to get the government to keep to the original proposal of 95db:

The government looks set to continue to allow the public to use fireworks that reach 120db, (equivalent to a jet taking off). The RSPCA and other welfare groups want the maximum noise level to be no more than 95 db ( a door slamming).

Please text your support (lines close on 8th May!)

text message should read: FIRE6 and be sent to 60022, charge for the call will be your normal mobile rate for text messages. You can also text your views through a return call once the acceptance of your vote is registered on your mobile.

Please email/text your friends and ask them to support this campaign before its too late.

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