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Full Version: Looking For A Young Rottie.
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Posting on behalf of a friend/customer. They are looking for a young Rottie, preferably bitch but don;t think it really matters. What does is that it is young enough to go through socialization with them, so ideally 6/7 month and younger, but again they will be flexible.

They are a fantastic home. They lost their beloved Great Dane last year and are ready to share their home with another doggie again and she has always wanted a Rottie. She is a very committed owner - her last dog developed some issues after being bitten by another dog out on a walk and she sought help from me and spent time working through the issues with her.

We became friends and have known each other several years now and she always puts the dog first, never left alone for more than an hour or two and a lovely country home with a big garden, Just a fab home.

They live in Wiltshire not far from Swindon and will travel up to a couple of hours max.

They will be expecting to put a lot of time and effort into training the future doggie so that they can be the best they can be, so if anyone knows of a beautiful little dog looking for a fab home - recommendations would be appreciated.

zico's mum
Rottie Friends is a fab Rottie rescue between Wellington and Taunton so not too far away have a look at their dogs needing homes
Thank you, I did find them on my search - they have two or three that might have been suitable, and all so gorgeous (my first rescue was a Rottie so this is dangerous territory for me) but they all require another dog for , and while s/he would see other dogs regularly and would have near constant company, would be an only dog, so they are out unfortunately.

The ones that don't require another dog are ones that are not so great with other dogs and she does not want to have to go through that again if she can avoid it, understandably.
I know someone in Rottie rescue, she often has foster Rotties in her home, she may know of one suitable, I can put you in touch with her if you want.

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