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Full Version: Dog Suitable For First-time Dog Owners
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Posting on behalf of my Aunt and Uncle.

They live in Abergavenny, South Wales. They own their own home, and have a medium-sized, secure garden. They are both recently retired (so the dog will not be left alone for long or often). Both still very active and love walking. They have no other pets, and no visiting grandchildren.

They have no experience of dogs but are willing/keen to join a dog-training class to help them learn.

One of their grown-up daughters who visits often is rather nervous of dogs (until she gets to know them) so they have stated that for this reason they would prefer a calmer dog who does not jump up. Preferably not too big either - but they rather like my greyhound girl, so maybe would be willing to have a larger dog if everything else was right. They are not keen on adopting a puppy or adolescent dog.

They do not want to travel too far, maybe up to 30 minutes to an hour away.
I would suggest they contact HWAR (Hereford and Worcester Rescue) (This is the rescue founded by Carol who moderates this site) and Hope Rescue based in South Wales, both reputable rescue that will do their best to help. Both are a little further away than 30 minutes but are probably the nearest good rescues to your relatives.
Already e-mailed Hope Rescue; awaiting a response.

Already checked HWAR website and there really doesn't seem to be anything suitable at the moment. But will keep checking.

Already looked at / e-mailed several south Wales rescues but there may be ones I've missed?
Do you know they are reputable? You could look at Four Paws and Friends of the Animals RCT as well.
Chinese crested club of Great Britain rescue, have lots of dogs at the moment, powder puffs (coated) and hairless.

www. chinesecrestedclubofgbrescue

my foster boy Gucci aged 1, good with children, other dogs, neutered - rescue are UK wide . he loves to give sloppy kisses, you have to move away quickly or he gets you and he has a very long tongue

Mr Chew, you say on another post that he is 10 and you are in Kent? The link to the photo is not working.
Sorry the 0 missed off, he is 10 not that I've ever seen these dogs act old he is full of beans, the rescue will shift him if need be, he came from a home in Croyden , he was with another foster mum, I was supposed to have him for 2 weeks over Christmas lol
I will try to do photo again

UPDATE: my aunt and uncle have rehomed the gorgeous and super calm Esky the greyhound from Cardiff Dogs Home. smile.gif
yay.gif Happy New Home Esky wub.gif
Super news! There's nothing like a greyhound for retired folk so I hope they have many happy times together.
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