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Full Version: Active Family Home Offered - Very Rural/beach!
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Hi Folks,

We are looking to offer a home to a rescue dog and I have contacted a few rescues. Sadly we appear to fall foul of small child policy - we have three boys six and under, one of which is a baby. The two older boys have plenty of big dog experience.

Our cicrumstances:

1) We live in a very rural location. On a Scottish west coast island
with direct access to a beach from our garden. Our garden is large and
well fenced. We can offer lots of active walks and outdoor play.

2) There is a lot of livestock on the island mainly sheep and cows. We
keep chickens ourselves.

3) We own one spayed rescue dog. A cross of unknown breeding but possible
German Shepherd mix due to her coat type and size. She is 8 years old
very friendly and active. Her companion a rescue Dobermann x male passed away
last year and she has been on her own since. Hence our reason for looking for another dog.

4) We are self employed and work from home.

Our only real requirement would be not a tiny dog and preferably a male but would consider a female. We would also consider a puppy having owned our current and previous dog from pups.

Happy to have a home check, travel a reasonable distance and pay donation etc.

Please PM as I can't seem to update my new email address!

Would this boy be suitable!gus/c1za7
No young children again sadly. sad.gif

"Homing requirements:

Someone who has time to continue his training

No cats

A garden

An active owner who enjoys long walks

No young children living in the home (visiting children would be fine but Gus gets far too excited with young children)"
Hi there.
Well you fit our criteria, if you are willing to adopt our happy ball of fur Whisky.
We've had Whisky since he was 1 month old. He's a happy Golden Retriever who is turning 1 on the 19th of June. He has been a great companion to our family ever since, especially to our 2.5 year old toddler. However, our job requires us to travel frequently and be absent from 8 to 6 every day. In addition to that, we've just had a baby and therefore this has given us less time for the dog which needs exercise as he's pretty energetic and lots of playtime. We were considering getting another dog to keep him company but the constant traveling will not allow it. As it is, whisky has already changed 3 countries in less than a year.
So now he's starting to become unhappy and this breaks our heart.
Therefore, we believe he will be better off with another family who can give him the priority he deserves, and you having the space, the kids, and the time would do him great.
I used to work from home full time and this was ok until I learnt I have to go back to work in August. It kills me having to give him up but it's the better decision for his sake.
He's a pure bread, large dog, with a happy character who loves other dogs and who's wonderful with kids. He's trained on obedience commands and all he wants is to play and make people laugh. A real clown. He's been spayed and is up to date on his vaccination.
I will also provide all of his accessories, toys, food and treats, including a big travel carrier.
We live in Surrey.

Please let me know if interested.
KWK9, Caithness

They have a litter of lurcher pups who will be available later this month

Munlochy Dog Aid , Inverness on Facebook

Islay Dog Rescue

Dunfries and Galloway Canine Rescue Centre

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