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Full Version: Are You Rehoming A Dog That You Think Will Suit Cani Sports Such As Ca
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There is a new facebook group recently set up aimed at rehoming dogs that will hopefully take to cani sports such and canicross and bikejor. The group is linked to the main canicross and bikejor facebook pages.

Most of us involved in the sports have and run rescue dogs. Ultimately though our dogs are our pets.

This is the new facebook group set up, feel free to join and post.!/groups/1540958852837235

My dog took to all this last year and we are now out competing, we actually started because I struggle with recall and have to be very fussy where he can be let off and have a good sprint about, so now he can run all over in a controlled manner.

The traits which help are a love to run, fairly trainable and dogs seeking an active life. Size do not matter there are many staffs and even JRTs competing in the sport along side the odd great dane and even big fluffy lurchers!

Here are a few pictures of me and my boy a rottie x


The title has been cut short apoligies, should say such as canicross...
Is there any chance you could make it a bit clearer exactly what people are looking for in a dog suited to this sport?
I see that it is not breed specific, but what traits are people looking for? And if the dog doesn't make the grade, does it then get returned to rescue?

Hi I have a blue staffie who I think would be suitable as he loves activities and my son used to take him on bike rides and on roller skates.

I am looking to re home him as I cannot cope with the walks plus as I work he is at home for long periods of time.

Please let me know if he would be suitable.


I have a friend in the USA who does this with her son's 2 Husky's, she had a lot of behaviour problems when her son came back home with them and she has worked hard to get them were they are now. They are both high energy dogs that were not socialised when pups which have caused her a lot of problems until she started doing this. She has a lot of fun and 2 dogs that are much nicer to live with. She started with a scooter and went onto to a bike. lol.gif

Generally, for canicross the key requirement is physical soundness and lots of energy and enthusiasm to run and to be dog/person neutral (non-agressive and able to run alongside other dogs without bothering them). The best dogs competitively are pointer/foxhound type mixes but really a medium size dog, although it depends a bit on the runner as to how much 'pull' they want.

Bikejor tend to need less power but more speed, so really looking more at a pointer/foxhound type dog that has the stamina to run 5-10km at a reasonable speed. So again, soundness, high energy and dog/person neutral is important.

Personally we do more ultra-distance canicross, but requirements will vary a bit depending on distance and the person themselves.
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