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Full Version: Young Medium Sized Angel Of A Doggie Wanted.
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I am looking for a new doggie companion for a customer/friend of mine as she has asked for assistance to find her new forever friend.

She is looking for a medium sized dog and this dog does need to be a bit of a star and a good all rounder.

Ideally between 6 months and 2 years. Dog or bitch. No behaviour issues as she is not in a position to deal with them, however will be going to classes so basic training issues that need a little work are fine. The dog needs to be pretty perfect with other dogs and great with people too.

She has another dog who is 5, great with other dogs and loves to play, but also chilled in the house. She is a rottie cross lab and needs another doggie of similar sizish.

She lives in a lovely remote country side location and the dogs are never left for more than two hours, she brings her doggies to me for the day if they are going to be left longer and that is usually once a week, where they get to play in three enclosed acres and have company for the day with a couple of other doggies. Her dog is the centre of her world and everything is organised around her, she really is a 5* home.

Her ideal would be a lab or lab cross, but is open to other breeds, she really would like a cross though as that is her preference.
Location and how far she is willing to travel? smile.gif
Thanks Dalsmum, I will pass that on.

Location, that would help!! She is in Wiltshire, not too far from Swindon. She is willing to travel but probably I impact that somewhat as she wants my help and me to go with her, and I can't really manage more than a couple of hours, due to health issues and my doggies, but a couple of hours gives quite a range of area, just means likes of up north or depths of Wales etc are out.

Have you looked at Swindon's Needy Dogs?
Thanks for the links, this is why this is not something I do very often, very smitten with Dominique from starfish rescue wub.gif

I think probably my place, on the days that he would be here wouldn't be right for Seb as lots of dogs and busy, but can ask.

Nanuk looks adorable wub.gif
Most of the suitable ones seem to be gone, but she is applying for Nanuk - I have a feeling he may be reserved though as the puppies seem to go very quickly and he is gorgeous wub.gif
Hi There i have a black poodle cross, quite large. miniature size shortish legs. absolutly adorable, good with everyone and everything. has come to me to find a new home due to a family breakup. please get intouch if you are intrested . hes five this october. castraited from a pup and quite a calm laid back boy. possibly mixed with basset. but looks full poodle apart from longer back and shorter legs..
What about Maria?

Or Jeanie?

Both in foster in Swindon smile.gif
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