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Full Version: Jrt, Young Female Home Offered
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I want to rehome a dog, but have two JRT females already, so looking for a female to join them. Looking for a younger dog under 1 if possible so it makes it a big easier to introduce to the other two. I would like a JRT but willing to home any small/medium terrier.
Thank you :-)
Hi Sammy, whereabouts in the country are you and how far are you willing to travel to find the right dog, please? Also, can you give us a little more information about what you're looking for in a dog, apart from being dog friendly. Will she need to be good with children or other pets like cats or small furries, for example?
Hi, yes sorry should have said. I am in godalming Surrey so within 20 miles. Looking for a friendly dog who gets on with children as well as other dogs. I have a son who is 14 months and although he is gentle he does get over excited. But I would never leave him alone with them anyway. We have chickens, ducks and rabbit, so to get along with them would be nice too, but I am sure with time they will get used to them as our dogs have. Our dogs hate cats so that's not really important if they like them or not.. smile.gif
Many Tears have a couple of JRT's in your area that fit most of your criteria, although they are a little older than you'd prefer:


They have some JRT crosses and other small terrier types in foster in your area too:

Choosie (her mother, Chelsea, has already been adopted)
Polly (Yorkshire Terrier)

They also have some younger males if you think you might consider a boy:

Dallas (Yorkshire Terrier)
Edge (Shih Tzu)
Daisy's write up sounds as if she was dropped off at the rescue with your name stamped on her! She is a one year old JRT, good with children, dogs and cats. The rescue is in Horsham:


Daisy JRT

If, for some reason, you're not interested in Daisy, what about Daisy 2? Not a JRT but a 4.5 month old Daschund x Lab (they think). She ticks absolutely every one of your boxes apart from the terrier one and she's completely adorable:

Image Image


Or Layla, at the same rescue, who is about six months old and described as 'fairly small sized'
Image Image


Or Lily, another one good with dogs and children, six months old and described as 'fairly small sized'.
Image Image

Thank you! I love Rosie!!! She is lovley!! :-)
Well best of luck if you decide to apply, and please keep us updated smile.gif
Do try terrier rescue as they have dogs boarding in Godstone and
Guildford. I think they might suggest that you have a boy however as 3 female terriers can sometimes be a volatile mix.
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