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Full Version: Child Friendly - Full Of Zest - Large Dog Wanted
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Hi Folks,

We have very sadly just had a bereavement of one of our dogs. His companion of many years is a neutered female GSDx 7 years old, is now our only dog and we are looking for a companion for her that will fit in with our family.

Our ideal dog would be male, bouncy, full of energy and love long dog walks (we regularly hike miles). A young dog would be ideal but we would consider anything up to 8 years old and a puppy would be a possibility. We have experince of large dogs particularly GSD and Dobermann. Any large breeds considered except for any Bull breeds.

Child friendly is an absolute must as we have a 2 year old and a 5 year old both of which have lived and grown up with large dogs. We are happy to continue training but a dog who is not agressive towards other strangers/dogs/livestock is important due to the amount of time we spend outdoors on long walks etc. Both myself and my husband work from home.

We are happy to cover castration costs if the dog was not already done so.

We are in Lincolnshire but are willing to travel a distance or meet up if need be.

Welcome to Dog Pages; I am sorry for your loss sad.gif

What about this boy?
Thank you for that, I have sent a message. smile.gif
Have pm you x
Just wondered if you had found a suitable dog or if you were still looking?
Hi have you found a dog yet? We have a very energetic gs/jack Russell cross who needs more time and exercise than we can offer him. We have a 2 and 3 year old and he is great with them and is also fine around other dogs and off the lead.
He is a year old but hasn't been neutered yet.
If you haven't found another dog yet, I'm sure Douglas would be perfect for you!
Have sent you a PM.
Hi just wondered if u had found a dog yet, as I am looking to rehome my akita x husky. He is 5yrs old neutured and up to date with all jabs. He is good with dogs and children. Just cant give him the exercise he needs and its unfair on him x
Ange brown
Hi have you found a dog yet? I looking to rehome our 6 year old cocker spaniel bitch, great family pet, I now work 12 hour shifts and she needs and deserves so much more than i can offer her, lovely dog sad.gif
the OP has not been online since 13 April.
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