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Hi we are looking to adopt a puppy. We live in leeds West Yorkshire. We have two children aged 9 and 15. I am around all day apart from food shopping etc
Thank you in advance
some more information may be helpful.

What size/type of dog? small, medium, large. short or long haired.

Can you cope with a dog that needs regular professional grooming such as poodle, bichon, shitzu etc

Any preference for dog or bitch?

Up to what age of dog are you looking for.

I did think that after I posted sorry.
Age, upto 1 younger the better due to the cats.
Small to med spaniel size ? Boy or girl no preference.
First time owners so puppy will be going to puppy class with our 9 year old daughter. She has been waiting a long time for a dog as it's taken until this age for dad to say yes.
In foster with cats smile.gif


Amy with Hope Rescue
We did look at her, but my sister really does not want a staff even a x I have explained they are lovely dogs but she is quite adamant although I will show her picture again. Thank u xx
Not sure why your sister would have so much say but she obviously does unsure.gif

Rehoming a dog really is an important decision and if a family member is so against a breed or any cross that may contain that breed it wouldn't be sensible to proceed err.gif

I hope you find that "perfect" puppy smile.gif
Sorry I thought I had added this post was for her xx
puppies are often rehomed quickly so it would be worthwhile contacting local rescues to see if any are available or likeli to become available.

If your sister is prepared to travel Many Tears Rescue often have puppies for rehoming.

Although the rescue is based in Wales they do use foster homes all over the country.
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