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My mum and stepdad lost their dog to cancer (only aged about 10-11yrs) a few weeks ago and are now starting to look around for another dog. They're in no hurry as they're more interested in the right fit for them and the dog, than in having just any old 4 paws in the house. They don't mind what sex the dog is or what it looks like other than being roughly the right size. I'd like the rescue dog to come from around the Bucks/Oxon/Northants borders area so we can bring the other dogs and they can all meet and also as I envisage a few journeys before we find the right dog and they all get on.

What the dog can expect:
- an experienced home (had dogs for most of the last 40 years)
- mum home all day as retired
- short walks in the morning by mum
- longer walks in the afternoon by stepdad
- Saturdays by the river with stepdad fishing
- free range of the house
- secure garden
- discipline (i.e. sit at kerbs, walk nicely on the lead, sit for treats etc.)
- 2 laps to sit on
- holidays in Cornwall
- other family dogs to play with when we visit (1 jrt x ?? and 1 jrt x beagle - both boys, both neutered)
- off lead time in field with whatever village dogs are out at the time
- cat/small furry free home

What they're looking for:
- a quiet dog (stepdad works nights so needs quiet during the early part of the day)
- medium sized
- definitely not a puppy and probably about 2+ years (but dog/temperament more important than age)
- a dog that can be left when necessary (other dog was left at home once a week for shopping trips when it was too hot to leave him in the car)
- no aggression issues with other dogs or humans
- not an oldie as this is probably their last dog now and they want to have as many years as possible with him/her before they have the heartbreak they've just had. My stepdad also goes out for longer than an oldie could probably deal with
- not an energetic dog so a collie or spaniel type would be a highly unlikely fit

I'm contactable here although it could be day or two before I pick up my messages and get back to you.
Would any of these be of interest - we start at 7yrs so our younger seniors are a nice age - not too young that they are over lively but not too old either
Aaaaaw, bless their little grey faces wub.gif . They remind me of my brother's bridge boy (also a staffie), who made it to 14 years old and had an almost white face when he went.

Thanks for the link, but the more dogs they look at, the more they keep coming back to a Labrador or Labrador cross or Labrador type dog.
emma dibbs

Have PM'd you and then noticed I'm meant to post here. Have your parents found a dog yet?

Thanks Emma, just saw your PM and answered it before I came to this thread.

Thanks folks, my mum and stepdad have now found a dog and are having a home check some time over the next couple of weeks. I can't see any reason for them to fail it, so hopefully their search is over and another pooch gets a home of her own. If all goes well, I'll ask admin to close this thread.
Home check went well. The new dog now has her space on the sofa smile.gif

Admin, this thread can now be closed.
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