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Full Version: Good Natured Dog Required For Family With Children & Labrador.
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Hi we are a family of five of 2 adults, a 3 and 6 year old and our 7 year old Labrador.

Looking for the right dog to adopt. Have been looking for another Labrador or slightly smaller dogs (but not too small :-) ). We have enclosed gardens and walks nearby. I work from home there is always someone around.

Any recommendations appreciated. Its not something that we will rush into, but will consider carefully all dogs. We got our Labrador as a puppy, but it would be nice to give another dog a second chance.
Welcome to Dog Pages smile.gif

What about Elmo?;#entry4051567
QUOTE(moorx @ 3rd Jan 2014, 11:44 pm) *

Thank you.

I shall have a look smile.gif

He looks lovely. Dont know much about beagles, do they make good family pets?
I'm afraid that I don't know about beagles, and don't know Elmo personally - I just saw his thread and thought he looked lovely and that he might meet your requirements wub.gif

Sorry, I'm not much help am I? rolleyes.gif

You could contact the rescue, or put a thread on Dog Chatter to ask about beagles as pets. Of course, he is a cross, so may have traits of both breeds.
No problem, thank you
what about Holly who i am fostering? smile.gif
Friends of the animals rct webpage- Holly x breed terrier in Crewe Cheshire (sorry cant link to page for some reason!)

Thanks for the heads up, but unfortunately she can't be housed with young children.

She's lovely. Hope she finds a home soon.
smile.gif please look on our website
As mentioned on another post we have adopted a lurcher puppy from rescue. We picked him up today and hes lovely. Our two daughters decided to call him Leo. He is very huggy and follows you everywhere. Our only problem at the moment is the whining when we put him in his crate. I know its his first night and only hope he snaps out of it.

nicky H
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