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Full Version: Emrys, 3 Month Old, Border Collie
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If you are interested in adopting Emrys please read about our re homing process

and complete a Pre Adoption form (link below) and Katherine or Pauline will contact you for a chat

Age: 3 months (xmas day babies)
Breed: Collie
Can I live with Children: Yes
Can I live with cats: Not tested
Can I live with other dogs: Yes
Fostered In: Crewe, Cheshire

Other Information:

We were approached to take on two pups from a local farmer that was going to get rid of them. They are beautiful Collie boys of just over 3 months. Little Christmas litter.

Emrys is the more vocal, confident one of the two, he will growl and bark at Caradoc and take his toys and food if allowed. He loves to play with his toys and the children and would love to play with the resident dog, but is still a little scared.

He will need a home that will help him in his transition from stable to home, but also that will be prepared to do some training and lots of exercise that this breed needs. Would be great at agility, flyball or any other activity that would stimulate his brain and keep him out of trouble

He will be fine with other dogs, has not been tested with cats and is fine around the children. He has been wormed, deflead, and had 1st vaccination.


Emrys on the right

Emrys at the back

As with all puppies it is a requirement of adoption that all puppies will be neutered at 6 months at your expense
A voucher will be given at the time of adoption for a refund of 40 when he is neutered
An update on Emrys:

I've landed in Cheshire!!!! ;D

Emrys is a hilarious puppy to foster, he bounces around like a deer when playing, and loves running in our fields. He is a typical collie pup, very focused on balls and always on the go so will need an experienced collie home or someone that is prepared to give him the mental stimulation he needs.
He is quickly learning that when he's excited and wanting to play barking doesn't always work! He is a vocal puppy sometimes but is quick to learn that some dogs and people prefer a quiet welcome!! winks.gif
He is going to be a very sleek, fast collie when older judging by how he runs now, so may suit someone looking for agility, flyball etc as he is a very happy dog when he has his ball!
as he's still a baby he needs some basic training which we as working on, but anyone looking for a collie will be very lucky with him as he will make a wonderful pet biggrin.gif

He is good with all my dogs, and sleeps well at night.
What a sweet heart. Hope you find your forever home very soon. wub.gif wub.gif
This lad has moved to foster in Crewe, Cheshire. I am unable to amend the original post, but have asked that the thread be moved to North instead of South
Hi Everyone, thought i would let you know how i am getting on in my foster home!
I think these foster homes are quite fun really, i get to play with lots of diferent dogs! None of them look like me, some are bigger and some are smaller and one is very old but they all seem to like me and we go on long walks together which is fun. smile.gif
I have also learnt that in a foster home you have to learn things which is a bit boring to be honest as i'd rather be outside exploring, but apparently you have to learn things before you can go outside and play?! yawn.gif
I am a quick learner so i am told (i show them i can do it only so i can run outside quicker!) I sit when i am told and walk beautifully on a lead now.
I am also really good at coming back when called, thats the fun bit- you should see the cuddles i get for just coming back to say hello! Humans are strange!
I love running in fields, being a collie i would stay there all day if i could, i am teaching my foster dog friends that you can go under farm gates, you dont need to wait for humans to open them! I learnt that from my farm start in life i think! lol.gif
One think i dont like yet is going in a car very much, i lay down very still but it does make me feel a bit sick, so me and my foster mum are going on little trips to try and get me used to it um.gif
After a busy day i like nothing better than a nap with my favourite toys, duck, ball and sheep- i can never decide who is going to sleep in my bed with me, so we have come to an agreement that i will take all of them!
The foster dogs i live with have taught me that night times are for sleeping, nobody plays with me, so i settle down and dream the whole night of running again the next day!
My foster mum will be along later to show you some pics of me in the sun at the weekend- i have only just learnt to type and cant do pics yet!
Write again soon
Love Emrys
Heres the pics as promised! Emrys has had a busy week, he has been practising travelling in the car...
You've got a bit of drool there Emrys...
This is something that any new owner will have to be prepared to work on, he is brilliant in the car, sits down quietly etc but it does make him ill currently, although he doesnt seem bothered by the drool!
He has been helping in the garden when the sun came out...
Not quite the 'collie'flower patch i had in mind! ohmy.gif
what, have a got a little mud on my nose?! :smile.gif
Hes also been making friends with a grumpy bassett! :-*
never far from his beloved duck and ball!
and lastly sleeping while the compost helps his legs to grow!! ;D

Emrys is a gorgeous puppy who loves life and being with you, he is a typical collie in terms of energy levels and intelligence, and is a very sweet puppy who will make the most fantastic companion for someone who wants a dog that will never refuse a walk, will always be by your side, and will provide you with hours of entertainment as he is a bit of a fool! He came in to the kitchen last night from the garden springing sideways like a baby lamb, and the reason?... It was starting to rain and his little feet got wet! ;D
Whoever welcomes Emrys into their home will get a beautiful puppy who i am sure will blossom into a great dog smile.gif
Emrys is reserved subject to homecheck
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