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Full Version: Be Aware - Don't Mix Cats And Lilies!
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I am probably teaching you lot to suck eggs but I for one hadn't realised that lilies are poisonous to cats until a woman told me today.

Googled and there are several aticles from reputable sources including - - and, with spring in the air and Easter on the horizon, folk may be having more flowers in the house than usual.

Better safe than sorry.

I lost an elderly cat about 6 yrs ago to lily poisoning sad.gif I had been given a bunch and stuck them on a table in front of the window. Within 12hrs Jasper was very poorly and being very sick. I found pawprints of pollen on the table. The vets hadn't heard of the connection but I did some googling and took them some info. He was in the vets for 5 days and came home but sadly developed a very sudden embolism in his spine a few weeks later and was pts. I am convinced it was from the damage done to his kidneys from licking his paws after walking through the pollen, it takes very tiny amounts of lily to harm a cat.
I love lilies but threw all mine out about 8 or 9 years ago when I read about the effect they can have on cats. Lupins are another that are dangerous for cats too.


collies r best
ohmy.gif I never knew that they were so lethal ohmy.gif so thanks for that. However i never have any as my mother always declared them funeral flowers and wouldnt have them in the house and i've never been comfortable with them rolleyes.gif
I think the problem is that the pollen falls off so easily and is obviously ingested when they groom themselves err.gif Correct me if i'm wrong, but i think it's poisonous for most animals unsure.gif
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