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Full Version: Frogs!
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Thought i'd sort out the front garden yesterday seeing as the weather was nice, looked up from my pile of weeds to see this great big frog/toad staring back! In case i had disturbed it I moved to another part of the garden, but when I looked up it was hopping down the driveway towards the road (its not a main road but is a bus route and fairly busy so the outcome didn't look good). So using the kids little wheelbarrow and a bit of cardboard and much swearing I managed to round it up and put at the back of the garden where I thought he would settle. 5 minutes later the little bastwerd was hopping down the drive again but this time with a pal!! This time once rounded up they both got a lift round the corner and across the road to the park. Think the passing buses and traffic must have thought I was totally mad talking to a frog, especially as at one point I was explaining how it would be frog legs for tea if he move his ass into the wheelbarrow!!!!! lol.gif
lol.gif lol.gif I think they must be going back to their spawning ponds.

I believe there are fogs and taod crossings where at this time of year people help them across the road.
What are the main differences between frogs and toads, the two from yesterday were different colours and slightly differently shaped but the same size, although the second one was missing a front foot which didn't seen to bother it.
Every evening at the moment we help a few frogs and toads to the pond. So sad to see their relatives squashed on the road sad.gif
Toads tend to be wartier and drier and frogs will hop when toads crawl. Females tend to be bigger than males, so you could have had a male and a female.
As Kim says they are probably trying to get to their spawning pond.

We have loads of frogs and toads in the garden. A few newts as well. The pond is packed with spawn and they're still making an almighty racket at night so goodness knows how much more will be there by the time they've finished their shenangans. ohmy.gif
They are about the only thing the cats won't kill so if the dragonfly lavae don't get them at tadpole stage they are free to take over the garden!
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