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Full Version: Continental Giant Rabbits
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Hi there

I'm just wondering how popular Continental Giant Rabbits are as pets please, has anyone got an opinion on that?

We might be taking a CGR in soon and we're not sure how difficult he/she will be to rehome (to a suitable home of course). Obviously he/she would stay with us until a home was found, but I thought I'd ask on here to see what people think. Do they stick in rescue centers or do they virtually fly out?

Many thanks
I have Conti Giants, 7 of them. They're not the easiest to rehome because of the space they require. I think it was EMCBadger that had a couple of boys for a few months before they were homed.

We generally find them easy to rehome, especially if you have a neutered single as experienced homes are often looking for a companion for an existing bun.

I think, like us, have a rescue centre helps a lot with rehoming rather than a small independant rescue working from home etc

Rabbit Rehome site is a good place to list them too

Animals In Need
Thanks for your input both of you, really appreciate it.

And yep Tracy we have a brand new rabbit and guinea pig house at our Centre (all part of the complete renovation of the whole site), so visitors can view them of course. We are able to make a double sized pen (the partition between two pens can be opened up) for any larger breeds so the rabbit will have a decent space to be in (plus we have a large grassed enclosure he/she can go in too).

I do put our rabbits on Rabbit Rehome, but thanks anyway. I did check on there to see if there were any other CGR in Norfolk, Suffolk etc but there weren't which I hoped was a good sign LOL!

(I will also list them on here too if he/she does come into our care smile.gif .)


In the rescues round here they move quick although one of mine had been waiting a while for a home,they the most lovelist rabbits wub.gif
Thanks for posting Madstaff smile.gif .

The good news is that the CGR has been rehomed from it's own home smile.gif. Hopefully it is a good home and he/she will be very happy.


Slightly off topic, can i see pics of your beautiful big bunnies please? wub.gif
Heres mine
Lyric conti and Clarence conti x


Here's Evie.

The Giants do atttract alot of interest but finding people who have suitable housing can pose a problem.

I think the main thing is to ensure they are neutered - several rescues I know have only had interest from people who think they can use them to breed and make some easy money.

Evie was bought as a present for someone's girlfriend. She was left alone all day in their flat. Needless to say within a matter of weeks she had destroyed much furniture and many wires. She was at the rescue for about five months before I adopted her.

They are very friendly rabbits, enjoy company but are uncomfortable being handled.
Thank you for sharing your furbabes, they are beautiful wub.gif

Our local p@h have 2 currently, i do worry for them
I have a Conti x French Lop (the second one of this cross) and she is the soppiest thing ever, more like a puppy than a rabbit. And even at nearly 6 years old, she is still crazy, runs about, jumps in the air and generally behaves like a much younger rabbit! I have had many bunnies over the years of all sizes and love them all, but the giants are very special indeed. wub.gif
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