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Full Version: Guinea Pigs
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I recently took on some adult piggy girls that were in need of a new home. They are very lovely and have settled in well. I had lots of piggies when I was a child/teenager but this was a few years ago lol.gif I'm sure they get everyting they need, I have been reading up about stuff on forums and websites. They get fresh veg everyday, fresh hay daily, cleaned out 3 times a week, and they have been going out in their lovely, big run that OH built them (he got a bit carried away!!). Oh, and they also get pellets (burgess, I think?).
I am a bit bewildered as to why they never seem to drink though? The water bottle does work as they drank a whole bottle overnight on their first day here. I check it works, have changed it for another, but still they don't drink. I even gave them a bowl of water but they weren't interested when I put it in unsure.gif
I am perplexed. They are not young ladies and I worry about their health with not drinking sad.gif
Do they not drink at all? A few months ago i changed my guineas from a bottle to a bowl as one piggy had rubbish bottle technique which resulted in spilling most of the water all over the cage and making a lot of noise, but not much drinking! I added the water bowl and eventually, when i had seen them use it a bit, removed the bottle. Now i rarely see them drink and the water doesn't go down quickly. If you are feeding lots of wet stuff like carrot, they might not need to drink much.
If they are getting lots of fresh veg - particuarly things like cucumber, and are having time on the grass, then they probably don't need much water.

Don't worry, they probably are drinking - just doing it in secret ninja.gif ninja.gif
Thank you both smile.gif

They do get a lot of time out on grass (have practically mowed the lawn!)and they get plenty of fresh veg everyday. I work in a busy restaurant so am always bringing home a variety of nice things for them. They don't eat much of the dry food either so I guess that's why they don't need to drink unsure.gif They all seem pretty healthy and perky, their coats have really improved since they've been here. Must be all the grass!! smile.gif
We must have pictures smile.gif
Some piggies just don't drink alot and with their diet that you are offering they are getting plenty of water.

Just check they are weeing and that it isn't too cloudy but I'm sure they are fine.

Well done for taking them on.

Louise of Little Brambles Guinea Pig Rescue
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