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Full Version: Cat Yowling Help!
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Hi Folks,

My first post and unfortunatley it is asking for advice!

We have a 16 year old neutered female cat. She is up to date with worming/flea treatment and had some dental work done approx 5 years ago. We have owned her for 10 years and she came from within the family as an unwanted pet. She did have a feline companion until she passed away two years ago and it has just been her and our two dogs since then.

Our problem is in the last year she has steadily got worse and worse with meowing and yowling. To the extent now she is waking my two small children up in the night and extremely early in the morning. She is constant access to food/water and can go out in a secure garden when she likes. The dogs do not hassle her and she gets on well with them. We do not believe it is attention seeking as my husband has made a point of getting up early with her in the morning and petting her last thing at night but she quite often jumps off his lap and goes upstairs to yowl.

We have tried shutting her in one room at night but she just yowls louder to be let out! We also tried putting her outside but again the same thing happened and as she is an older cat we did not feel comfortable doing this on colder nights.

Any advice would be very much welcome as it is really starting to cause problems for our children sleeping at night.


Just to add she is a moggie/cross breed.
Has she seen the vet about it? She could be getting senile or possibly losing her eyesight/hearing. You could try leaving her in a room with a light on and see if that changes anything.

Heather and Benjy
I agree with doggroomer, it sounds like a sensory impairment (blindness / deafness) or a bit of senility and she's yowling because she can't work out where she is.

The lengthening days may not help either, one of my dogs firmly believes that the moment it gets light, I should be up and taking her out for a walk rolleyes.gif

I think I'd be popping her along to the vets for a general check up. x

eta: Just another thought, are her joints okay? My older dog won't settle if he's cold or if his legs are hurting and he paces up and down. Its a long time since I've had cats, but from what I remember, the older ones made sleeping their main occupation. Maybe she can't get comfortable?
Agree with the above!

I would also be investing in a Feliway Diffuser. We have a special needs cat, Kai, who has no/very little short term memory and so he is easily upset as he has the mentality of a kitten. Because of this we have a diffuser running constantly or he cries and yowls. Dementia can present in the same manner to Kai's disabilities and 16 is a relatively advanced age for a cat. The Feliway just calms him down so he doesn't get so anxious.
I would suggest you get her checked out at the vets.

Dimentia can set in but it's more likely to be a thyroid problems as she is at that age.

It's relatively simple to treat through daily tablets and there is the option of having the thyroid removed. The vet may advise blood tests to rule things in or out.

Good luck, I know it can be rather draining but she's probably trying to tell you something.

x x
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