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Full Version: Home Offered, Family Pet Wanted, Lurcher/collie/mutt
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Ciaran and Jodie
We are a family of 5, Mum, Dad and 3 kids aged 3, 10, 14. We've been looking around for ages trying to find the right dog for us. Between us we have had border collies, a rough collie, a lurcher and a lurcher cross border.
Ideally we would like a small to medium female lurcher cross border under a year old. I realise that it is a little unrealistic to be so specific but that is just the ideal. Really we would consider just about any dog it just needs to be ok with kids and not too big for our house.
We live in suburban Sheffield about a minutes walk from a large park and 3 or 4 minutes from a large woodland where we can give a dog good run. We have a smallish fully fenced garden to 5ft at its lowest point.
We don't have a car so would not be able to travel great distances repeatedly, we can get a lift but at the mercy of others work etc.
We know we can offer a stable and loving home for a dog.

Ciaran and Jodie
Is here too far?

Many Tears also hve fosters in Sheffield:

This one is fostered in Sheffield and may not be suitable but may have another candidate:;hl=sheffield
Ciaran and Jodie
Thanks for the links, K9LOVE.
West Yorkshire Dog Rescue will not rehome with under children under 5. sad.gif
Can't see anything suitable and local on Many Tears but I will keep checking.
Millie is gorgeous but it says she can't live with cats. Probably should have put about the cat on the original post err.gif The cat is about 8 months to a year old. She was fostered with 3 dogs before we adopted her and I think she thinks she is a dog (she wags her tail when happy, lays on her back for her belly rubbing and fetches balls). She doesn't like other cats but is totally fine with dogs.
West Yorkshire dog rescue will rehome to under 5's IF the dog is suitable to the home smile.gif

Some other rescues that do here:
Ciaran and Jodie
We picked up our new dog from the council pound today. Big handsome lurcher fella about 18 months old.
They said he had been found tied up. He's so loving to everyone I can't believe anyone would abandon him.
Thanks for the help on here. good luck everyone.

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