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Full Version: Poor Woman........
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just came across this article in the DM...........thought I'd post on here in case anybody on DP lives in the area and could possibly help?

I don't understand why the council will not allow her to keep the posters up until she finds her dog, especially since there has been a recent sighting of her!!
Did you read the whole article?

The Director of Actonís Planning Department, Roland Bartl told CBS Boston that at no time has anyone actually prevented Panek from putting up one of her signs.

Bartl said that Panek is allowed to put up her signs as long as she takes them down in a timely manner

Yeah I did read this bit, but how long is a timely manner when your searching for your lost pet? I know it's a difficult one and the council cannot have posters/leaflets up on lamp posts etc for eternity, but surely if there has been a recent sighting of her, it is obvious she is still out there lost somewhere......
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