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Hi All
I used to post on here a long time ago but has been a while so hope you are all well smile.gif

After losing my 10 year old beautiful Dobe in May I am now able to consider rehoming, although my circumstances since I had my Dobe boy have changed. I will give as much info as poss but if there is anything I have forgotten feel free to point it out!

I now live alone in my own (albeit small) house with garden. I wouldn't consider it fair to have a large dog or one that needs huge amounts of exercise (like my Dobermann) as I live in surbuban Reading so road walking is fine, and have a small park within walking distance but it would be a car trip to big parks or countryside etc.

I do work fulltime but work 99% from home - with the odd occasional day needed in either London or Guildford (normally 2 days a month max). I could take a dog to office in Guildford and I do have family in Reading who could look in, let out or walk if necessary on the odd occasion if I needed to go to london.

I have no other pets, although live in a place where EVERYONE seems to have cats and wierdly for suburbia I do have a muntjack that comes in the garden from time to time. I do very occasionally have young children visiting but only my nephew and niece and so rarely or for so little time that I thought worth mentioning but is easily surmountable.

As well as posting on here, I am going to go and have a look around rescues and see if there is anything suitable. I am ready for this to take time to find the right thing as I realise due to being on my own, it has to be the right match but I do believe that I could offer a lovely home to the right dog and I'm not even sure whether rescues would rehome as I live on my own.

At the moment, I am thinking that the best match would probably be a small to medium sized dog, probably past puppyhood, although I have been through that before so would consider but whether rescue would consider me I do not know. I have had family dogs all my life and had my Dobe from an 8 week old puppy when with my partner. I also trained as a vet nursing assistant in sussex so I hope people would view me as a suitable candidate despite being a one person unit smile.gif It's also fairly important that any dog I had was ok with car travel as I would like to travel for walks to countryside and take him/her if visiting friends.

Anyway, any advise gratefully received, it's been a long time since I did this
Would you consider an oldie:

I have Rocky on foster with me:

Not sure if you feel you are looking for something a little younger, but he is a lovely, active boy wub.gif but can chill when you need him to as well.

I'm not too far from you in Abingdon smile.gif
Hi All
Thanks for your replies, and Rocky looks beautiful wub.gif However, it is now certain that I pick up my beautiful boy tomorrow so thanks and will ask for this thread to be locked
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