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Full Version: 5 Yr Old Collie/cross (remy) Needing Home- Milton Keynes
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I am looking to rehome my 5 year old collie terrier cross as we are having twins in May and feel that with a toddler and twins we will not give Remy the time she needs. It breaks my heart to do this and I would only want her going to someone who I know could provide her with care and attention and time.
She is a loving dog who we have had since a pup. She is playful but not too boistrous, she is used to children and cats as we have a toddler and a cat. She also stays with my mum who has a cat and she is fine with that one too.

However, I will be honest, like most dogs she is not perfect- but I know with the right training and attention she could be.
- Remy is unsure of other dogs. After she was attacked by a neighbours cat, then another neighbours dog she has become a bit volatile. She used to play really nicely with dogs on the green but will now bark at them, especially if on the lead. She does her sheep dog routine of wiggling her bum submissivly but then gets scared and snaps at them. We have had good progress with her by offering treats, talking to her reassuringly etc but she would need a bit more training/discipline or a home where she can get used to other dogs being around to come out of it completely.
- She is a bit of a barker! We used to live in a house where Remy could look out the windows and see people on the street, she would bark at them, again not viciously but just as a warning if you ar elooking for a silent dog Remy isnt it. She lets visitors, posties etc know she is there.

Other than that Remy is lovely. She will hyappily sleep on a bed at night but is used to being kept in the kitchen, she will fetch, high-5, sit, lay down etc on command and after initail excitement when you come home will quickly lay down on you for a good cuddle

So if you would like a lovely dog who isnt perfect but has potential then please message me.
Isnt she gorgeous!
QUOTE(eldon @ 15th Dec 2011, 9:55 pm) *

Isnt she gorgeous!

She is indeed beautiful
She is lovely wub.gif

Whereabouts are you, and is she neutered/microchipped/vaccinated?
QUOTE(nikirushka @ 16th Dec 2011, 9:51 am) *

Whereabouts are you,

She is in Milton Keynes. smile.gif

Try Valgrays:

Very collie orientated rescues.


in Bucks.
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