Hi all -

Our two boys, Bill & Eric, can no longer be housed together. And as we don't have the floorspace for 2 properly sized C&C's, one of the boys will need to be re-homed.

It's a sad situation - Both are rescued guinea pigs, so have already had a difficult start in life and will need to be re-homed with an experienced owner.

As to be expected, the problem is fighting. It began as simple dominance displays, but it unfortunately culminated in one drawing blood.

We asked around and also checked with our vet, and the decision was made to have both boys castrated as it can often (but not always) reduce dominance displays.

In our case, this seemed to work brilliantly for several weeks. However the tables have turned again and we have heard from several people that once blood is drawn they can no longer remain together. As this has already happened before the operation took place, we don't want to see it happen again.

We still need to have a discussion with our daughter and make a decision as to which guinea pig will stay and which will go.

We will then replace the re-homed male with a new female, and suggest that whichever is adopted be re-homed with a female as well.

We are based in Warrington, Cheshire and if anyone can assist please let me know.

Bill - approx 15-16 months - black, white and tan
Eric - approx 7 months - golden pink eyed