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Full Version: One Year On, Still Miss You Smudge :(
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Can't believe a year has passed, still miss you so much sweetcheeks wub.gif crying.gif
And now you have Boysie wub.gif with you too crying.gif , so hopefully you are both having fun and causing havoc. I'm sure you're supervising activities and making sure meals are served on time....
Our time together wasn't long enough, but you made a huge impact, and your little face graced the welcome page of a photography magazine this month wub.gif


Sleep well Princess wub.gif crying.gif
QUOTE(Boysie @ 27th Nov 2011, 12:34 pm) *

and making sure meals are served on time....


Thinking of you both very much today, as you miss your special girl angel.gif

hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif

angel.gif Forever sweet dreams beautiful girl wub.gif

hug.gif For those that love and miss you hug.gif
aileen ainsworth
hug.gif hug.gif hug.gif
Hope you are having fun at the Bridge sweetheart-sending hug.gif to all who love and miss you,love Debbie xxx
Gone too soon crying.gif

hug.gifs to all who love you and miss you
6 years ago today, we travelled to Cheddar Gorge to adopt you Smudge wub.gif
We miss you every day, and mourn the life you should have had.
Love you Sweetcheeks wub.gif crying.gif

And without meaning to offend your humans, Smudge, I would like to celebrate the life you had with them and your dear friend Boysie. Too short, yes, but with more love and adventure than most hounds can ever hope for...............wub.gif
aileen ainsworth
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