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Full Version: Animal Control Officer Quits
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kats n greys
Damned if you do, damned if you don't. err.gif

Animal Control officer rants
lol.gif It's presumably American & a bit tounge in cheek?

Many a true word said in jest though rolleyes.gif
Poor guy needs a holiday.

So much of it so true though - translates into UK too smile.gif
Cautious Casper
That was brilliant! Sad but brilliant, unfortunately the only people to probably read it will be people who are responsible dog owners sad.gif
spencers mum
Definitely applies to the UK as well. Very sad but true sad.gif
Good on him, poor bloke. I hope he feels better for writing that. I too doubt it will fix anything in the long run. Hope he enjoys his new job.
OMG I bet there are Dog wardens and RSPCA officers who feel the same and would love to be able to say all that to some of the scum they have to deal with.
mrs phas
applauding this
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