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Full Version: Bereaved Rabbit
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Until last weekend we had two rabbits living very happily together. Sadly the older one (7 years old) suffered a stroke and had to be euthanesed. The mathematicians amongst you will have worked out already that this leaves me with one lonely rabbit.

Here's the dilemma, we only started keeping rabbits when my son was young and have kept making up pairs as one died. However we no longer want to perpetuate this as we'll be keeping rabbits forever. I also don't want to burden a rescue. We couldn't bring the bunny in as a house rabbit as we have two terriers.

What would you do????
One option could be to contact a rescue to arrange to foster another rabbit until yours passes away. Many rescues have long-term residents that are hard to home, e.g. on-going vet treatment and they want the rabbit to stay local/want to cover the vet cost, or even just a hard-to-home rabbit e.g. a "bog standard" black rabbit (often get a lot less interest than other colours/giant breeds/etc) and you could come to some sort of arrangement that benefits you both.
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