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Full Version: Spot-on Treatment
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I have used a spot on treatment for my foster dog and wonder how extreme I need to be to seperate her and the cat. They use the same parts of the house but don't cuddle together or settle in the same place at the same time. I have stopped the dog using the cat's bed and moved the cat's food and water. The packet says keep the animals apart for 72 hours. What's the general feeling about this? ps.The cat weighs 2 x the amount of the dog.
Cautious Casper
I might get shouted at for this but .... I never seperated my cats and dogs after using a spot on and I've never had any problems. But until I read this post I never knew you had to unsure.gif
spot on what? frontline, bob martin dunno.gif neither of these brands work well for killing fleas so would assume its not harmfull to your cat either, i have never separated cat/dogs during de-fleaing, afterall they share the fleas so separating them would be fruitless as the flea will bite the treated animal then jump on the untreated animal, sharing the flea treatment anyway, but thats just the way i see it rolleyes.gif
Bob Martin Spot-On. I normally use Advocate and never worry about the cat. But this is for a little foster dog who can get to the cat's safe area upstairs, thru the stairgate. The package reads 'Very poisonous to cats and could kill them. If a cat is accidently treated with or comes into contact with this product call for vet advice immediately'. Obviously, I'm not going to treat the cat with it but not sure about transfer from bedding etc. I would have avoided using the product all together but I spotted a flea on her today.
Is it the Bob Martin cheapie stuff or Bob Martin Double Action (which is imidicloprid)?

If it's Double Action, then as they're not cuddling or grooming each other then I wouldn't worry.

If it's the cheapie stuff, I'd maybe try to keep them in separate rooms. If it says to separate them for 72 hours, then it must be the cheapie stuff which has been known to cause seizures in cats.
Whoops--just read through your last post again. Yes, I'd keep them properly separate, I'm afraid. Some of the Bob Martin stuff is really nasty.
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