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Full Version: Lottie Old Tyme Dorset Bulldog
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mrs phas
Unfortunately her forever home didn't work out that way, and we had some problems reported that surprised us a little. We've watched, and waited, and watched, and waited for these problems to make themselves apparent, however her foster home say she's absolutely cool. So I think we'll start taking applications for her again. This is little Lottie, a Dorset Bulldog with a heart problem. She's not a cakewalk by anyone's standards, but managed correctly she's an awesome little lady with lots to offer a home for however long the rest of her life may be.
if your interested in lottie, please contat anna at

mrs phas
more pics lottie the loon
She is such a pretty girl !

She is dog and cat and children friendly ! That doesn't sound like an annoying dog winks.gif.
Cautious Casper
Aw! Just looked at the other photo's ... love the cat flap ones lol.gif Hope you find your forever home soon Lottie biggrin.gif
If i didn't have my little ones i would have her in a second.Hope your in luck soon lottie.
She's looking good smile.gif i remember when they all came in (my fault) they all looked a bit like they needed tlc and a few good meals!!
mrs phas
i had the joy to meet this little temptress last week
oh my wub.gif
my son wanted to sneak her home under his jacket
once shes calm and allowed to come meet you, you immediately find out what a clown this dog is, a real ball of mischief who loves kids and other dogs alike
yes she is a little boingy at first, hence the only meeting once she shows calm, but you wouldnt know she has a heart murmur at all, just non stop play all the time, she has to be put in her bed to rest otherwise shes like the duracell bunny
and such a cute face, i just wanted to kiss it all the time [and she wouldve let me]

there must be a home out there with a lottie shaped hole in it wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
She is lovely, shame Lilly can be a little testing in the house with other bitches... err.gif

For those worried about heart murmors, my old (now at the bridge) staffy boy was diagnosed with a grade 5-6 aged 10ish and with the help of medication he was with me for another 6 years and unless you knew, you would have never guessed, he lived an absolute normal life with it.
mrs phas
lottie is still looking for her forever home
mrs phas
lottie is now happily farting away in her new home
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