Peg and Scholes are two 5 year old greyhounds who are brother and sister. Peg is the white and fawn girl and Scholes is the black laddie. Though they look like a bit of an odd couple, they get on fantastically together and we don’t have the heart to split them up!


These guys are both ex-racers who have worked hard for the past 5 years and now really deserve to retire to their soft sofas. Both are well-rounded, friendly dogs who love to give cuddles and walk beautifully on the lead. They also enjoy playing with each other, and will keep each other occupied when left alone.

Neither have experienced living in a home before, having spent their entire lives in kennels. New owners will need to be understanding and patient during the first couple of weeks after adoption to allow them to settle in and get used to the house rules. They have not been tested with small dogs yet, but this will be carried out soon. They are not cat friendly.


Peg and Scholes have been waiting a very, very long time for their forever home, and we would like to appeal for home offers for them. It would be fantastic to get these hounds in a foster or forever home together before 2011.

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**UPDATE: MAY 2011**

Peg and Scholes have finally moved out of kennels and into the luxury of a loving foster home. They are still waiting to be adopted, but my are they living the life while they wait!


Peg and Scholes are now getting to experience the love and comfort of a home environment for the very first time. They are settling in excellently and we will update with their progress very soon. As you can see, they are certainly happy to be out of kennels! We hope they never have to spend a night in a kennel again.


**UPDATE: JUNE 2011**

Peg and Scholes have now been in their foster home for approx. 4 weeks, and are becoming well settled. They are ready and waiting for their forever homes, with very few issues holding them back. We have gotten to know them much better now that they are in the close contact of a loving foster home, and it is a joy to see their characters blossom.


~ Personality ~
Peg and Scholes are two very lovable hounds who are quite suited to each other. They are both very friendly and affectionate, and will not hesitate to shower you in kisses if your face is anywhere near their reach! Peg is definitely the queen of the two, and Scholes is her loyal follower. They can be a bit bouncy and excitable, especially around walk time, but they are gradually calming down and settling. This can only improve with time and gentle patience. They are both quite playful and are experimenting with all the new toys they’ve been given – it really is their 7th Heaven! They also have the greyhound habit of pinching random household items and carrying them around – slippers and sofa cushions are a favourite with these two. They never chew the items they take, just move them around.


~ In the Home ~
These two adorable hounds have gotten used to the initially strange and mystifying household sights and sounds, and are content and relaxed in the home. Though both had accidents at the very start, they are both housetrained now and will happily wait to go outside to toilet. Peggy is a bit of a scavenger at the moment and will try to raid the kitchen counter if given the chance. This is being worked on by their fosterer and it shouldn’t be too long before this habit ceases. They are quiet and clean through the night, though they are still living on ‘racing kennel time’ and like to wake up for their morning walk at 6am! Their fosterer is also working on this and is slowly introducing them to the joys of sleeping in, especially at the weekend!


Peg and Scholes would be well suited to a fairly active home who would spend time each day taking them out and showing them the big wide outside world. Due to their mad moments of bounciness, they would be best going to a home without young children as they may bowl them over without even realising it. Peg and Scholes could live with other large to medium sized dogs quite nicely, but can go as a pair to a home without other dogs too. This pair has been waiting incredibly long for their forever home and we hope they will find their new family in the very near future. They really do have oodles of love and loyalty to give, and are sure to keep their new owners well entertained with their antics.


~ Other Animals ~
Peg and Scholes are sharing their foster home with 3 other dogs and have been good as gold with them all. Out on walks, however, can be a slightly different story and Scholes in particular can be a bit keen on the small dogs he meets along the way. This is a common initial problem with ex-racing greyhounds as many will have never seen a non-greyhound shaped dog before and so do not initially realise the small dogs are indeed dogs. Lots of positive socialising will teach Scholes that dogs can come in small sizes too. Once he realises they are indeed dogs, Scholes is very good and mannerly. Neither are cat friendly but coexist happily with the fenced in chickens in their foster home.


~ Where Am I? ~
Peg and Scholes are currently in foster care in Milton Keynes, UK. They can be homed anywhere in the UK, but please note that you will be required to travel to the foster home to meet and collect them.

~ Want To Adopt Me? ~
Peg and Scholes are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flea'd and wormed and a homecheck will be required as part of the adoption procedure.

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful duo, please email me on for our adoption application form and information pack. Emails are usually replied to within 24hrs. Thanks!


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