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Full Version: Leg Cocking Puppy
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I have a lovely little fella here on foster. He was estimated to be 14 weeks when he came last week, which going by his teeth is about right, but I figure he could be anything up to 16 weeks?
Anyway, the funny thing is that from about the 3rd day he started to cock his leg on walks. I thought it was an accident but on every walk he cocks it more and more, higher and higher. He was almost on just his front legs yesterday as he was desperately trying to cover where Dek had just pee'd (which was tricky cos Dek is a dane!) lol.gif
I have fostered a fair few pup's over the years and have to say I have never seen leg cocking (especially executed so well!) in a baby puppy unsure.gif It's def not an accident and he seems to want to mark over all the other dogs pee too rolleyes.gif
I just wondered if anyone else had ever had such a young pup that's done this? Or what is the usual age to start cocking? unsure.gif

Here is the little romeo wub.gif
Clever fella, Merlyn is 6 years old and still only Rarely cocks his leg mind you he was an early neuter and remains pretty immature. Jones is 7 months and still squatting smile.gif

Axle (my Dalmatian) cocked his leg from the time he came home at 9 weeks old! (don't know if he was doing it before that!
Brock (JRT) leg cocked from around 10-12 weeks.
smile.gif Can't help on the 'cocking' matter but oh my goodness, what a gorgeous boy wub.gif wub.gif
Oh he is gorgeous wub.gif wub.gif Bailey is a 15 week old border collie and has been cocking his leg since he was about 10 weeks. Its not everytime and he wont cock his leg to pee over other dogs scent marks yet right enough unsure.gif
Oh my!!! Will he fit in a Jiffy bag?? Gorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr-jussss!!!
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