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Full Version: Do You Ever Cook For Your Dogs?
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I love cooking, and like to treat my greys sometimes. I've been experimenting with homemade biscuits and treats (tuna and garlic flapjack, anyone?) but would love to read your favourite doggy home cooking ideas flowers.gif

Our favourite is sardine cake:

3 tins sardine
2 eggs (or 3 depending on how oily the fish is)
herbs - whatever is around
garlic powder

Just mix up all of the above and then add flour to make it biscuit dough consistency. You can make it into a cake or biscuit and serve.

It's apparently super yummy, although does smell a bit while cooking.
This isn't so much a recipe. Lottie loves cooked chicken but it's such a pfaff getting all the bones out. Until someone told me that if you cook it in a slo-cooker for 24hours the bones go so soft you can squish them with a spoon! My slo-cooker isn't huge so a 1.2kg chicken is pretty much the biggest I can cook. Cover with water and 24hours later it's done. The meat btw is super tender and tastes quite delicious. You will need to check that the bones are really done but Lottie loves it served with kibble. Be warned though the smell is gorgeous all and pervading.
Yes my dogs adore liver cake, very simple to make but it stinks, not sure of the quantities as i just chuck it all in a blender,
3eggs, 2 cloves of garlic, flour and a couple of pound of liver and then bake in oven gas 5/6 for approx 30 mins. Then i cool it cut it and freeze some and they go bananas for it.
I was told that Jack would 'eat whatever I was eating' when he arrived unsure.gif I figured that would mean that he would die of malnutrition in a fortnight so made a real effort to cook what I thought would be good doggie nosh. Vegetables, meat, pasta or rice, no salt etc, he hated it mad.gif I mean really hated it, so he wouldn't eat it but I had to. rolleyes.gif
After a few days I was really concerned that he was going to be a fussy eater and I was going to spend my entire life eating his dinner. In desperation I picked up a tin of Pedegree Chum for him and a bag of Bakers and he wolfed it down and asked for more lol.gif Since then he has never refused any food although he soon moved onto CSJ and Natures Menu.
Funnily enough as soon as I stopped trying to cook specifically for him he decided that he did like my cooking after all, he just didn't like it all bland and 'healthy'. lol.gif
Henry's mum
Try this link for lots of doggie yums.

I've only made the Peanut Butter Puppy Poppers so far, but Annie adores them! I use wholewheat flour and sometimes add mashed banana or honey too.

Another link is this one. I've made the Cheese and Garlic Biscuits - I just left out the beef fat - and Annie goes mad for them. And I've been known to scoff a few myself when they first come out of the oven!! lol.gif

You really can play around with the recipes though - add beef instead of chicken, cheese instead of peanut butter, pilchards, liver, oats, honey, whatever. Have fun and experiment - your doglet won't complain!

I try to keep them healthy so I always use wholewheat flour and I always try to be mindful of salt (add none) and not too much fat - other than that, just play around!

Edited to add that I even managed to find a tiny bone-shaped pastry cutter in a little cake/party shop which is just fab for the biccies! Also got a rabbit shaped one (lol.gif), a loveheart and a star smile.gif
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