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Full Version: Rescues, Under 18's & Insurance.
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The Friends of South Glos Strays have a network of volunteers who help exercise the dogs at the local stray kennels after they have served their 7 days. We have insurance with Cliverton ( who we are very happy with ) to cover this, however this only covers handlers who are over 18. Several of our volunteers have expressed an interest in bringing their children with them in order to encourage them to put something back into society, which I think is a great idea. However, on speaking to Cliverton today they suggested that it was not a good idea for children to be covered on the policy, as if there was an accident involving a child and a claim was made, it would make our premium so high we would be unable to afford the insurance and our work would have to stop. I realise that other rescues on here allow under 18's at the kennels - how do you get around this problem? Would it maybe be possible for parents to sign a disclaimer? We would not allow the under 18's to walk the dogs but would just like them to be able to be around the kennels and be educated in the plight of the dogs, give the assessed, suitable dogs supervised fuss etc. Any ideas would be much appreciated - thank you.
Id say most rescues dont cover under 18's as far as im aware.
I know one local rescue takes work experience kids but they are only allowed to help with the cats and rabbits because theyre not covered to handle the dogs.
I presume if one of them were hurt by a passing dog on a walk with a staff member they would be covered under the public liability policy but im not really sure.

Apache Rose
The greyhound kennels that Floss came from let kids go with their parents on walks and will put an extra lead on suitable dogs for them so they can 'walk' too. Kids have to be 16 to walk on their own. I don't know who they are insured with though.
Our walkers are over 18 and some do bring their children along but they are not allowed to walk the dogs. What we tend to do is take a couple of our own dogs along, steady greyhounds that are already in homes, walk beautifully and are very well socialised the kids may be allowed to walk them but the parents have to realise its at their own risk and the owner of the dog likewise.
The only two under 18 that have any dealings with the Gap kennel dogs are my son and his girlfriend 16 & 17 respectively and they have both been told that if they a) ever let go of a lead I will throttle them they hang on even if it means they hit the floor and b) if the dogs bite them they will be euthanised not the dogs because it will be there doing wink.gif That said again both are experienced with hounds as they have had a crash course spending all their time with me and are more sensible and able than some adult walkers. They are still not allowed near the newbies though that are under assessment.
I have had people bring their children to the kennels and they get giddy and excited when they are old enough to know better. I dont beat around the bush with either the parent or the child at this point as to what is acceptable behaviour!
Claireand Daisy
I suggest you discuss this with your broker. We (not dog related organisation but relevant) use volunteers under 18 but they must always be accompanied by a member of staff. I don`t think this would be that difficult to arrange - I assume your youngsters aren`t going to go out on their own with the dogs, are they?
Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to reply. Lisa73 - I think we are on the same wave length ! smile.gif
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