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Full Version: C062 - Ginger Beer Plant Culture (lot Two)
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One lot (10g dehydrated weight) of real ginger beer plant which you can use to make your own ginger beer.

A little background info:
"Going back just one or two generations, most households had a ginger beer plant on their kitchen windowsill. Not a green, leafy plant, but a mysterious culture which was fed with ginger, lemon and sugar to produce delicious, all-natural, real ginger beer.

Perhaps it's best to start by explaining what real ginger beer is not! Cans of ginger beer in shops are not real ginger beer. These are made fizzy by adding carbon dioxide, do not contain only pure, natural ingredients and there is no alcohol content. If a description mentions adding yeast, then you're not looking at real ginger beer plant, but a simulacrum. This is because you can't make a genuine ginger beer plant (GBP) - it is a live culture that has to be passed on from person to person.

Ginger beer plant is an organism which, when treated correctly, will help provide you with a lifetime's supply of real, old-fashioned ginger beer."

You can see a video of the GBP here.

Each GBP lot comes with full instructions on how to rehydrate your culture, a recipe to get you started and instructions for ongoing care.
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