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Hello all - I'm still a bit of a newbie round here so I hope this is ok to post. I just wanted a place to share the amazing impact my new dog has had on my life. I've had MS for 19 years now, and do pretty well, but about a year ago my world had really shrunk. I was so scared of going out and having mobility problems that I drove everywhere and wouldn't walk 100 yards to post a letter. I changed jobs late last year and started working from home, and determined to get fit, started walking twice a day, which was great but a bit lonely...and then a chance encounter with a rescued greyhound while on holiday set me thinking.

After getting home, I did lots of research on greyhounds, and contacted a local rescue. After a nerve wracking home check (I have cats, hens and some small furries) I received a call to tell me about a 1yo girl, recently returned by people who hadn't looked after her or trained her at all, but who was happy living with cats and other little things. She (they said) had no manners - because they hadn't socialised her or trained her - and 'couldn't be walked because she pulls and is too naughty'.

I brought her home on 18th December, and within 10 minutes, she'd hopped onto the sofa and was tucking into a biscuit. Now, working with an excellent trainer, she's socialising really well, has learned all the basic commands with a clicker, and is a happy, cuddle obsessed little girl. Walking with her I now do two 1 1/2 hour walks every day, and I'm fitter and more mobile than ever before. She has brought so much joy and love into my life, and asks for so little in return. Of course there are things we need to keep working on, largely because she had a poor first year, but I see those issues as things we'll work on positively together. I've already had some amazing advice from people on here - so thanks. Sorry for such a long rambly post - I don't know many doggy folk to talk to locally!
our little godsend
Congratulations on living your new life grin.gif You sound sooooo happy wub.gif

Obviously, we will need photo's of your new furbaby to prove she is happy too tongue.gif

I must figure out how to post photies! Although all my photos are of her snoozing, as when she's out for a run she moves tooooooo fast for my camera and comes out as a black blur! rolleyes.gif
What a wonderful post! Seconded, we need to see photos!

Best wishes - Anne
Thanks for sharing your lovely story. Dogs are amazing aren't they?

I have to say, where I lived previously, I really only got to know a few nearby neighbours even after living there for about 10 years. Then I got my first rescue dog and made so many new friends through him. Before long I got to know most of the people in my road and many more.

I'm glad your new friend has made such a big difference to your life.

Awwww your story to me was a case of fate, I really believe somethings are meant to be and she and you are obviously part of that.

Congratulations on finding your lovely girl and good on you for having the courage to offer her a home.

Amanda x
May you have many years together wub.gif Would love to see her tongue.gif
Aaargh! I've downloaded serif photoplus, and followed all the instructions and just can't get my photos to appear here! Will get my more competent OH to sort that tomorrow, sorry...
What a wonderful story - can't wait to see pics ooo.gif
Absolutely brilliant I love stories like this especially when they have pointies in them (I am biased) smile.gif
Awww what a lovely post smile.gif Dogs do have that effect of you, especially greyhounds tongue.gif Have you registered on Greyhound gap yet? Lots of hound mad people on there and very friendly. Lots of advice on all sorts of things if you need it. Pop over and say hello to us. Your hound sounds lovely wub.gif

What a lovely story, so glad you found each other.
Wishing you many happy years together. wub.gif wub.gif
What a wonderful story, it sounds like a match made in heaven smile.gif

Eagerly awaiting the piccies lol.gif
What a lovely hearwarming story! wub.gif , its easier to post your photo's via, its free to register and soooo simple!.....big hug.gif to you & your girlie angel.gif
Nina K
Your story has really made me smile.gif

So glad you are enjoying life so much with your new friend. flowers.gif
Looking forward to the photos smile.gif
Well done you! Dogs are wonderful, mine makes me smile every day.

Thanks for sharing your story, very best wishes xxxxxxx
If you open up an account on one of the photo-hosting websites like Photobucket, after you've uploaded your pictures, you get a code that you can copy into forum posts so that your picture shows up (hint hint smile.gif )
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