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Full Version: Bruce Has Hurt Himself
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We had workmen round this morning and I asked the lady supervisor to hold Bruce's lead while I had to go upstairs to tell them where my sockets have to go but then someone opened the door so Bruce made a lunge for the stairs to get to mummy. I yelled at him to stop (his back legs are too wobbly for stairs because of his epilepsy tablets) and he stopped where he was but before I could get to him, he fell back down the three steps and ripped a nail out.

It looks very sore and he's very sorry for himself. We're off to the vets this afternoon.

Poor Brucie.... err.gif
oh Brucie, you poor love. Sending lots of healing thoughts for your nail, take it easy fellow hug.gif
Oh Brucie ohmy.gif Poor baby, hope nice vet person makes you feel all better soon wub.gif

Lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses gorgeous boy! hug.gif flowers.gif
hope the vet sorts bruces claw out
Oh poor bruce, hope that he feels better soon x
Awww Bruce that sounds painful ohmy.gif I hope you have some nice sossidges for your tea to help you get over the shock wink.gif
God love him wub.gif hope he got on at the vets and wasnt to much of a girly lol.gif as GSD's can be,

Extra treats and hugs tonight for the poor lad.

Amanda x
hi all, sorry for the delay in updating, have been staring mindlessly staring at the tv while cuddling Bruce. He's fine. He went nuts when the taxi pulled up (he rarely goes in a car and when he does it's either the vets, which he loves,or going on holiday so he goes spare when he sees a car pull up) and during the kerfuffle, the nail fell off. When we got to the vet, he said that was good news as it could have been a sedation job to remove it but as things stood, he just cleaned it and dispensed antibiotics and Bruce came home with us - on the bus! Bruce was a brave soldier and let the vet hold his paw and clean it and pull him about and had a general check up and didn't make a murmur apart from the odd whingy noise at us wub.gif

He's very tired and sorry for himself but he's safe and well at home and that's all that maters. Thanks for your support,

Carol x
Aww Bruce what a super brave boy you were!! wub.gif wub.gif (are you sure you are a proper GSD? unsure.gif lol.gif )
lol.gif tongue.gif yeah he's a proper GSD, he just got more show off genes than wimp genes! He was cuddling me so much that the owners of all the small fluffy dogs were cooing at HIM for being such a mummy's boy tho..... wub.gif
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