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Full Version: Holly Without Meningitis
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Holly has now had all her tests and a provisional diagnosis has been made. The good news is that her heart murmer has disappeared and her heart is now normal. Her heart rate whilst having tests went through the roof at between 270 and 280 but this was only when they were doing things and returned to normal when she was left alone. However they did say she was a very good girl.

The tests that were abnormal were the muscle enzyme blood test and the EMG. This is all pointing to a condition called myokymia which is to quote the vet isa rare muscle disorder that can cause collapse and death. The treatment is a drug caled mexilitine which has been withdrawn for human use so is apparently very difficult to get hold of ( and therefore probably expensive).

The videos of her are being sent to the neurologist and if he confirms the findings she will be starting on her tablets which may or may not work.

In the meantime she is on restricted exercise. Unfortunately no one has told her that and she has been a very busy little girl playing and I am reluctant to stop her having fun.

Does anyone know anything about this condition? I know there are only about 25 diagnosed cases in Europe so I am not very hopeful but it is worth asking.
Sorry can't give any advice, but just wanted to say hope all goes well for Holly.

Everything crossed for her here
Thank you Gezzie. To watch her at the moment you wouldnt know there is anything wrong until she starts to pulsate when she relaxes. There is no other word for the movements that I can think of. We will wait for the results and hope she doesnt have another episode that knocks her right back to walking as though she is a very old lady and looking scared and in pain.
Can't help but wanted to send some hug.gif to you and give Holly some cuddles from me and mine wub.gif
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