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Full Version: Do You Like The Cesarmillan Show?
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Do you watch the cesar millan show?
Do you use methos similar to Cesar on your own dog(s)?
Has anyone read his books?

I have watched this show for sometime now, and find his training methos very close to my own, and he enforces exactly what I do with my own dog - its nice to see him gaining control of dogs with minimal effort! Id soooo love a big pack like his! wub.gif wub.gif lots of doggy huggles!

just wondering what other people think? I know its american and so overly produced, but seeing his work in realtime online - an uninterupted recording - is really amazing!

If you are not going to do a poll, this may be better in Training and Behaviour, but Im pretty sure you know the majority of members do not approve of CM, and you would probably be better off reading the numerous topics on T & B, rather than asking members to repeat their thoughts.
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