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Full Version: Mr Smee And Peter
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Eileen and Berni obviously decided I needed punishing because they have sent me down these 2 little monsters lol.gif

They are massive but very very cute and incredibly naughty although bless their hearts they are doing a nice sit and do calm down when told enough is enough...Holly (my daughter) thinks they are the greatest entertainment ever (shes only 10months) and im definatly going to have my hands full but look how cute they are!!

In the end i had to pick them up as they wouldnt stay still! How Eileen got the original picture of them all sat i'll never know!

ETA: before i get the usual question thats NOT a cannibis plant its a lemon geranium...i have had all sorts of questions whenever i take pics in my kitchen!
I told their not naughty their funny/cute/entertaining, at least Holly appreciates me sending her them i could tell by the hysterical lauing last night!! tongue.gif tongue.gif

This is one of those- be careful what you wish for times lol.gif lol.gif rolleyes.gif
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