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Full Version: The Silent Assassin Has A Confession To Make
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He's got a pal ohmy.gif

My madmental fear-aggressive unpredictable snappy collie has made a friend in Woodysmum's (Kim) new little lurcher boy Paddy (who she kidnapped during a transport run tongue.gif ).

I've had him for 16 months now and had pretty much given up on him being able to socialise around other dogs because of lots of bad moments in the months after we got him. A bit of help from a behaviourist and lots of good advice from posters on here has boosted my confidence and given him time to chill out a bit and learn that other dogs aren't all out to get him.

Well, maybe being friends is pushing it but we let them run together in the field and because Paddy is such a tolerant and laid-back little chap there was no stress for Murphy. We further pushed it by coming back to mine for a coffee.

Here's the evidence......


My jaw hasn't risen since smile.gif wink.gif
Stuart J (Eileenalana)
Aaaaaaaawwwww, bless them. They both look very happy in that pic but I see food is on offer lol.gif lol.gif
wub.gif Paddy Magic! lol.gif lol.gif
ninja.gif .....just come in ....glad you finally stopped being amazed long enough to share your news of Murphy's wub.gif new-found social skills lol.gif

He was absolutely brilliant.......the pics were taken to prove it wasn't a fluke but it wasn't....Murph and Paddy had been milling round for ages, quite happy.......paddy even got a few kisses and ear licks wub.gif

re the food......that was part of the shock....Murphy doesn't do treats ohno.gif lol.gif .....he did there...oh yes he did wub.gif

there'll be no stopping him now wub.gif
smile.gif both lovely dogs, you should be proud wub.gif
I Love MY Cookie
Oh Wow.... yippee.gif yippee.gif yippee.gif I'm so happy for you Fi.

Good boys Murphy wub.gif and Paddy:love:


I think Paddy was the perfect stooge dog for Murphy, just a complete gentleman who stood patiently while Murphy sniffed him from nose to tail. He is a wonderful little chap and I'm sure Kim will help anyone else in the area who needs the help of a calm dog.

btw, the treats thing.....that was yesterday. There's no competition today so he's back to his usual fussy self rolleyes.gif
yay.gif Well done Murphy, maybe theres hope for our Meg monster yet smile.gif
Good lad Murphy yay.gif And well done Paddy angel.gif
snoopy dog
Fantastic news! yippee.gif
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