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Full Version: Wasp/bee Sting?
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Has anyone's dog ever had a wasp or bee sting in their mouth?

If so what was it like?

My pup has a swollen bit on his lip and looks like a sting but not sure (he's always trying to eat anything that flies rolleyes.gif ).
Flo manged to stick her head into a wasp nest when she was a pup and suprisingly (not!) she got stung.

I wasn't there at the time so don't know if she had any swollen bits but certainly she went into a bit of shock so was taken to the vets.

I suppose it could easily be a wasp sting both Mum and I both have had about three over the last week (mine in slightly an embarrasing position!) and Mum's finger is certainly pretty swollen from her sting yesterday. It might be that or it might be a bite from a midge or maybe a pulled hair/whisker that has reacted slightly.

My ex was looking after him as I was working long hours and he said he had an "abscess".
However, when I looked it looks more like a sting(swollen around a dark bit). And is on the lip not the gum.
Its gone down a bit today and he doesnt seemed phased by it at all.

My ex says he was sniffing around rose bushes and seemed to eat something! ohmy.gif
He thought it was a thorn but knowing him, my guess he was trying to eat a bee or wasp!

I'll keep an eye on it and him.
if you've got a health shop near you give homeopathic remedy APIS. will take the swelling down.x
Our Staffie girl Jessie got stung by as wasp, asfter chasing it last week and unfortunately had a bad reaction to it, swollen head, throat and large lumps all over her, she was rushed to vet, sedated and given oxygen plus injection and kept over night sad.gif She was stung in her mouth sad.gif

She is fully recovered now and most swelling had subsided after an hour after the injection, but was kept in just to be on the safe side. I now have stocks of piriton at the ready just in case as she is still chasing flies and wasps around the garden sad.gif But we couldn't really see the sting site apart from a slightly raised spot on her cheek.
A previous dog of mine got stung just under his nose as a pup and that swelled up quite a bit. I panicked but he was totally fine and just couldn't understand why it hurt when he tried to bite his toys.
Eco Worrier
My Fred had a swollen lip recently, for unknown reasons. I happened to be camping in the middle of a field by the time it started getting a bit pusy looking. So we found a vet who said he needed anti-biotics and steroids but that it wasn't urgent and it could wait until I returned home. The swelling didn't go until he had the steroids - I'd delayed them a bit as I was back camping and couldn't have large puddles in the tent (vet said this was ok).

So I would advise you visit the vet in case it's infected like Fred had.

Scally Waggler
My lurcher girly went camping with us the other week, there was a wasp invasion all over hawkshead and grizeldale that weekend. I swear she must have ate about 5 over the 3 days. tongue.gif She was impossible to stop and despite my certain belief that we would be vet-bound any minute, she was fine! rolleyes.gif I, on the other hand, got stung well and truly! sad.gif
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