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Full Version: New Dog-update
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Well, there's been no fights or squabbling yet, but something tells me it's only a matter of time.

They slept well, but Kel (new whippet) stole Wesley's bed (original greyhound) in the night- not sure how. Whippet in greyhound bed is ok, greyhound in whippet bed is not. Wes has been sulking, not wanting to play with us or Kel, but he is showing signs of coming around. I'm taking it slowly and apart from trying to feed them treats together I'm letting them get there at their own pace.

Can any knowledgable pointy-people help me out on the playing front? Wes used to be v quiet when playing with us, with the odd shout at a passing squirrel or cat. He and Kel started chasing after a toy yesterday and he found his inner voice! He was yipping and really growling and then his hackles went up, tail still wagging, and poor Kel looked terrified, but kept running about with him. They calmed down and haven't killed each other yet - was this a settling in thing, or do greys play like that?
Scally Waggler
I can remember when we got our second dog, it can be a bit of an unsettling time wondering how things will pan out, but its all part of the fun! tongue.gif

In my experiecne whipptets and greys can play quite hard and bit a bit vocal and gnarly but Id say its more about territory and ownership of the toy right now in your case. Try and make your original dog feel important and give her attention first. Also may be get another big bed, then no arguements - a choice of 3! smile.gif
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