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Full Version: Weighing Scales
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Does anyone know if its possible to get a cheap weighing scales for my Doggie? Im trying to keep a tight reign on his weight ready for his operation. Unfortunetly I cant drive (yet) and his vet is miles and miles and miles away.

The only scales i can find are the vet scales and 150+ err.gif
If you can pick him up, weigh yourself first and then weigh yourself holding him. The diffrence = his weight.
lol.gif Ha ha ha Other half tried that. He squeals like a big girl and he broke the scales. Ill give it another go once i order a new set of scales lol.gif
Eco Worrier
Can you put him in a full bath and weight the overflowing water? lol.gif
could try the old scales,you know how the midwives first used to weigh babies,put them in a sling then those scales you hold, not making much sense am i unsure.gif might have some on ebay wink.gif
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