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Full Version: Dogs With Chews
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Before you all shout at me and say that chews keep them quiet while you're out, let me explain. The only chew/bone that Sam will eat, is a Bob Martin pork hide roll. The only place that sells them is Asda, and even they stopped for a while. There was huge relief all around when they were spotted back on the shelf! Anyway, last Thursday, we'd just returned from our son's wedding rehearsal, and Sam was delighted to see us. He came up to bed just behind me, and went straight under the bed making a strange noise. My daughter looked under the bed, and saw that he had his mouth open. We eventually got him out and realised that he had his hide roll stuck in his mouth front to back, and it was jammed behind his teeth. There must have been about an inch and a half of it left, and we think that he must have knocked it into his mouth as he was coming upstairs. I yelled for my OH to come up, and he grabbed the chew and pulled, but it was jammed tight, and even though Sam seemed ok, it was getting obvious that it was impairing his breathing. Fortunately, my daughter had the presence of mind to gently hit Sam on the back, which dislodged the chew and my oh grabbed it out. Sam was absolutely fine, which is more than can be said for me! Needless to say, as the chew gets down to about an inch, we take it off Sam now, and never ever leave him alone with one.
The only things my lot are ever left alone with are stuffed kongs.

Chews are always supervised as my last westie choked on a small piece of rawhide.

I do not feed my westie those rawhide/chew because of that, it is really dangerous.
We have a fright with chews too. The other week moo was chewing the end bit of a chew and because he is a bit gummy it had become all soft. Well after he finished eatin it his stomach just blew up into a little ball, he kept making funny noises and licking his lips like he was going to be sick.

We decided to rush him to the vets and while speaking to the receptionist explaining we were concerned that moo was having problems breathing after swalling this bit of chew and that his stomach had expanded in a ball moo let out this almighty belch!!! His stomach went back to normal and he stopped licking...

Luckily my OH was holding him pushing on his stomach which caused moo to burp. If he had been alone he may well had become paniced and stressed leading to who knows what.

Now we keep a close eye on him while he has a chew and take any small bits away. The vet reckoned he had taken in too much air while eating this little bit of chew.
some years ago my last dog, had some of a chew caught at the back of his throat, i have never let a dog have one since, my poor dog was in a right panic,.
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