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Full Version: Jealous Dog
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My 5yr old dog loves me to bits! wub.gif Unfortunately this means that he will bare his teeth at people that come near me, not outside but in the house. If I'm sitting on the sofa and he's next to me and my daughter approaches he will 'lip curl', if I'm on the computer in my v.small study and he's lying on the floor he will do the same to anyone that approaches.
Do I just have to make sure he never lies near me? Do I have to not let him on the sofa?
Tonight he was one end of the sofa, my OH on the other end, I had was sat on the floor and turned around to stroke him (the dog not the OH lol.gif ) the dog then turned and bared teeth at OH.

Please advice, OH is not happy for this to continue, especially with daughter.
It sounds like he's seeing you as a precious resource, and so he's guarding you. A good behaviourist who uses positive, reward-based methods would be the best bet, as they can help you work out a safe plan to help him feel more secure and less likely to guard.

If he were mine, in the meantime, I'd be avoiding situations where he can resource guard, so don't let him up on the sofa where it sounds like he feels he has to guard you for now. When you hug OH or daughter, chucking him treats so he sees it as a positive thing. Etc. There's an excellent book by Jean Donaldson called 'Mine' which will help. But really nothing's a substitute for professional advice. Try finding an APDT registered behaviourist - it could save lots of time, money and importantly - heartbreak in the end.
i would start to put the dog down on the floor and spend time with your daughter where dog can see but cant do any harm , maybe behind a child safety gate at first until your dog realises that your daughter is just as important as your dog is
i would be very worried about a dog that is possesive over me against my children and OH

i hope someone can give you some more helpful advice as that is only my opinion of how i would handle it .
maybe someone with experience of dog training and dealing with possesive behaviour would be of more assistance

i'm sure someone will be help you to f ind a way for your family to live in harmony

Good Luck smile.gif

I agree with Owlish, that it sounds very much like resource guarding. Sorry but it's not because he loves you, he is just seeing you as a high value resource, the same as a bone or a sleeping space, you are a prized possesion tongue.gif . I'm sure he does love you but that is not what it is about if it resource guarding. He needs to learn as with dogs who resource guard other things that he doesn't need to feel insecure about his 'resources' being taken away from him.

I would also advise that it would be best to seek professional help with this from a reputable reward based behaviourist. In the meantime avaid putting him in situations where he gets the chance to guard you. Does he guard anything else, food, toys sleeping areas? If so it would be best to avoid him being in those situations aswell. Get as many people as possible to share his care so that he doeasn't get the chance to see one person as his smile.gif
Well spotted he is possessive over toys as well, though not bed and he's not too bad over food at meal times. He's not very food motivated which makes reward training difficult.

I've been having a hard time walking him, he walks well to heel until he sees another dog then he goes balistic - barking, and tearing at his head collar (he's broken two haltis!) Now he has a gentle leader which seems to be stronger. However, when he's off lead, with our other dog, he will stay away from other dogs when recalled or if I just say 'leave' he'll come back to me. So off lead I don't worry too much, although he is muzzled most of the time, not because he's ever hurt another dog more for peace of mind, just in case.
ive now been struggling with a dog for nearly 4 months, wonderfull in every way, when out good, no longer pulls, if he sees dog and they socialize all is well, butt heaven help it if i dog ignores him he goes ballistic, barking madly, all attempts to stop this dosent work, from all advice ive tried, fails everytime, they man problem he is not agresive in any way, just cant be ignored by another dog. its now suggested i put a muzzle on him to stop this stupid barking. dont know if it will work though.
Lots of dogs react much more on lead because they can't get away so they make a big show to tell the other dogs to bog off, it sounds like he is a bit fearful and that's why he is reacting. With lots of socialisation and dealing with this in the right way it can usually be greatly improved.

You can use toys for reward based training, it doesn't have to be food. Just be careful about which ones and in which situations if he can be guardy with them. Re the food, you can use his daily rations for training, often with dogs that aren't very food motivated, if they feel a bit full then they aren't bothered. But if they are working for their dinner they can be different smile.gif Also try some really high value treats like, hot dog sausage, roast chicken, especially if it's just been warmed up, lots of dogs love cheese, regular cheese or primula in the tube, easy to cary around aswell. Some dogs love dried salmon.

As he's got a couple of fairly big probs I really would go to a behaviourist, either get a recommendation from your vet or if you say which area you are in someone on here may be able to advise of one in your area.

In the mean time just manage the situation as best you can by avoiding putting him in those situations, make sure all toys are cleared away so he doesn't get the chance to guard them if they are left lying around.

If someone else comes into the room and he is sat next to you, then either ask him to go to his bed or you move away from him or pop him in another room if necessary.
Many thanks - have been using most of those strategies. He is fear aggressive, particularly to new men! Have been fostering dogs this year in a hope to improve his socialising skills and once he's got to know them he accepts new dogs in the house and no problem in the garden.

It is just me and other dogs on the lead!
my proplem is only barking at some dogs, all dogs have to be on leads in this area, in parks most have extension leads, does anyone recommend putting a muzzel on him to stop barking, (not for agression)
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