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Full Version: Thanks To Jazzzi
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Had a message a few days ago from Jazzzi about some little stray dogs in kennels who were finding it difficult to find anywhere to go. One of our trustees was in the area the next day and came back with 3 of the dearest little dogs you could wish to meet. Two of them have already found new homes with a couple of lively older ladies who have been on our waiting list for little dogs for ages. Match made in heaven for both of them wub.gif wub.gif. Thats the good part of rescue when you see a lonely person go tootling off with a dog sat in the back of the car. smiles all round and happiness wub.gif
The third little dog, Freda, an elderly mini JRT, with a poorly chest, has gone off snuggled in a blanket warm and loved to a foster home. Our vets opened up especially for her this afternoon to dispense some antibiotics. Once she is fully well there are several people waiting to give her a home - they might have to get past me first she is a dear little soul. wink.gif
Thank you Jazzzi from the dogs, their new owners and us, a happy weekend all round.
I'm glad Freda got a home!! smile.gif
The lovely little Freda wub.gif wub.gif wub.gif
Can I just add - I saw her at HWAR on Friday and she really is the sweetest dog going.
Don't be fooled by her grey hairs she's still got LOADS of life in her.
I do love happy endings and i adore oldies too.What a cutie.
Freda wub.gif

She is just gorgeous. I am keeping my eye out for a small bitch at present and preferably an older one as i love Oldies. I keep browsing the homes needed as well as some other websites . Good luck to all the doggies. Mags wub.gif
Just had an update from Freda's foster Mum. She had a very good night, slept well, has eaten, had a drink, done her business outside and is now happily trotting about wagging her tail like mad. Amazing what a little bit of tlc will do wub.gif.
She is looking for a home Mags if you are interested pm me.
friends of the animals
Brilliant, well done everyonr involved. It is just great when things work out so well for all concerned.

Freda looks so scrummy wub.gif
QUOTE(JennyC @ 23rd Aug 2008, 10:37 pm) *

Can I just add - I saw her at HWAR on Friday and she really is the sweetest dog going.
Don't be fooled by her grey hairs she's still got LOADS of life in her.

I cannot wait to meet her. have been talking to the gang about her and also to my son (dog walker when I am at work) Mags wub.gif wub.gif
You'll fall in love with her - I was with her for about 2 hours I think and I wanted to take her home.

Good luck
THanks Mags . Mags xxxxxxxxxxx
Well done Jazzzi and HWAR.
Great story. wub.gif
So glad these 3 little ones are sorted.
thank you jazzzi & HWAR.
Thanks really isnt necessary, just knowing that we were all able to successfully work together to secure these 3 lovely dogs good homes is truly enough for me.

Good luck to them all ok.gif

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