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Full Version: Hiccups?
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Any experience of dogs getting hiccups?

Our little Polly (BC - mostly, anyway!) is 7 months, very skinny despite feeding up.

She gets hiccups first thing in the morning... not every day, but four or five times a week.

Any ideas why?


I think it would be worth ringing the vets for reassurance, but like human babies, hiccups are quite common in puppies - it is I believe, literally their breathing etc. getting settled as it were.
All the dogs i've owned have had hiccups at some point, mostly as pups. I guess they probably get them for the same reason as us humans do but i'm not really sure why we get them (indigestion of some sort??).
Sorry that really wasn't very helpful was it? lol.gif Think it's time i went to bed. yawn.gif
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