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Hi, does anyone know if there is an ointment or oil that u can rub on/into your dogs pads if they are looking abit worn and one has cracks. Sure iv seen a thread on here before about an oil but cannot find it was ages ago though. Thankyou in advance smile.gif
Dog Ointment

Paw Wax

I think the top one is more for treating cuts etc where as the second one is more a preventative measure
i got k9 care paw treatment cream smile.gif , it sooths cares and proctects from the 99p shop
When Flo had a nasty crack in a pad I used this cure:

"For sore cracked pads, boil up some potato peel and use the water when cool to immerse the paw. The pad will heal in a couple of days."

It worked incredibly quickly. There's more advice on this site:
maltese dog
try these might help.
I have used the inside of banana peel to rub onto cracked paws and it worked a treat smile.gif
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