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Eco Worrier
I'm dog sitting a 10 month old greyhound and he's very itchy. I don't think it's fleas (I did the wet paper thing and black spots only no red) but he's got a rash underneath and round the back of his thighs, and over his manly bits blush.gif

I know he hasn't been to the vet (the owners aren't registered with one) is there anything I can put on to ease his itching or to sooth this rash that's not going to cause a problem (or get me into trouble!)? I will suggest he should see a vet when they return for him.

He's also a terrible thief, cries if I leave the room, is generally a bit miserable looking and scratched all night (I slept downstairs due to the crying - my neighbours are lovely but I don't want to take the pee!), not really used to other dogs, but otherwise gorgeous. wub.gif
Could it be a grass allergy. Every summer my last dog used to get a rash on his tummy wih running through long grass. He usually needed tablets to relieve it though. Its a few years ago now so can't remember what they were.
Eco Worrier
Ok, I can't go that far just wondered if there was something I could do for him. I might give him a bit of a wash round the area with a cold flannel to see if that soothes it a bit, maybe if it's grass it wil 'rinse off' anything from our walk this morning.

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