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Full Version: Clip On Dog Tags
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Eco Worrier
Does anyone know where I can get dog tags that clip on to collars? Every time I have a dog here I put a tag on them with my details and it's beginning to hurt my fingers, plus the tags are looking a bit shocking now, and some collars have really thick rings and it's hard to get the tags on without distorting the ring and the tags are then insecure.


And what people think of them......
Eco Worrier
Is it one size fits all? Or would I need to buy a selection of sizes?

I'm thinking of starting dog walking, so it would be helpful to have something that will go on and off quickly on a daily basis and I won't know what size dogs I get until I start.

Otherwise they look fab for my own dogs.
Also here. smile.gif;productId=24
From the look of the websites there are a number of sizes..............for the time spent walking as long as the tag didn't dig in to the dog I'd be inclined to go for the larger ones with closed ends so you can slide them on and off.

Alternatively why not get some collars of you own and tag them - then you can put second collars on the dogs so that if they slip their collars whilst you are walking them then they will still have ID.
I just use the normal tags then keep an eye out at markets / pound shops etc for cheap keyrings (normally childrens toys ) with clips on them instead of rings!

Cut off toy (retreive from spaniel rolleyes.gif ) then add the clip to the ring and then you can put it on and off easily (useful for agility comps!! as well as no tags allowed in the ring) smile.gif

hope this makes sense ??? would add pic's but cant find the camera tongue.gif
Get some of this type of trigger clip LINK
Attach to split ring on tag and away you go smile.gif

You can see how it looks in this pic
Eco Worrier
That's excellent, those trigger things are what I was looking for, thank you!

I will also look out for cheap toys with keyrings in charity shops as well, as I'm sure I'll forget to take these off when dogs leave me!
QUOTE(lolbeck @ 23rd Aug 2008, 8:55 am) *

I've got one of those! I won it from the FOA aution and I think it's brilliant. I went for one that you can fit to any collar and doesn't need to slide on as I like the clippy collars to buckles. smile.gif

I would recomend them smile.gif

QUOTE(DooBlog @ 23rd Aug 2008, 9:07 am) *

I got one of these, however they dont fit on my greyhound-style collar very well. I had to purchase the largest size which fit on one side but was loose on the other. Not a huge problem, but aesthetically not as clever as I'd have liked... particularly as it now looks like a huge plaque at the side of my pup's neck! Also, it flattens out that side of the collar so you may need to keep an eye on the tightness or how easily it can be slipped off for slim headed dogs.

Eco Worrier
In the end I decided to go for some mini carabiners with little waterproof capsules on the end.

But thanks for the links, because they did help me to search - I was getting bogged down with the search terms I was using.
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