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Full Version: New Dog Arrives Tomorrow
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After going on and on at OH, and finding the right dog at the right time, our new dog arrives tomorrow.

He's a 7 year old whippet who's retired from being a pest control dog and wants a chilled out house to retire in comfort. He'll be keeping lazy 3 year old greyhound Wesley company when we're out and maybe help teach Wesley to sit and recall (yeah right!).

I am excited, they have met and got on well, but I'm still worried in case Wes's nose gets put out of joint as he is our baby. Also I convinced OH this was a good idea so teething problems are bound to be all my fault.

Thanks to people for positive replies throughout this 'campaign' - cute pics will follow tomorrow, fingers crossed!
Well done you. smile.gif I too have been trying to convince OH that we NEED another dog and he's finally cracked. yay.gif Looking forward to the pics of your new addition. smile.gif
Your feelings are perfectly normal... We all worry when we decide to have a new dog and wonder whether we have done the right thing. With our third dog, hubby wasn't really too keen (he agreed!, but would not have had a third if it had been down to him), so I was in the same situation as you. I also always worry that the current status quo and balance in the pack will get upset and it'll all be a nightmare... But it has always worked out ok and once a new routine starts working, everyone including the dogs start settling down!

So try not to worry too much and just take each step at the time! smile.gif Can't wait to see pictures.

Of course you're nervous - that's only natural. You will have some disruption to your routine, a whole new creature in the house to care for, your current furbaby to comfort and reassure and your OH to keep sweet. But, it's never as bad as you imagine it might be. Somehow, every time we've brought in a new one things have just clicked and you adjust very quickly. After a few days you'll forget how it was before and things will come naturally to all of you.

And the company they provide for each other will be something you'll never regret.

Well done and good luck.
well done for cracking him!!

When we decided to get a third, with Jasper, it was me persuading the OH (is there a running theme here??? lol.gif ) and felt the same as you; if he played up/didn't settle/didn't get on with the others it'd be my fault. Luckily it went smoothly....few teething problems for first couple of weeks as everyone got adjusted, then a blissful 7 months till he passed.

This time round, again it was me saying we need another, OH was even more reluctant as he felt Sally and Yoyo were settled, and again, every problem faced has been my fault wink.gif This time round hasn't been as easy, Badger has taken longer to settle, and Yoyo and Sally are a little more put out but this is down to him being much younger I think, and now, after 2.5 weeks, things are starting to gel better.

So expect maybe a bit of teething probs when you first bring him home as he's unsettled, your existing dog is, and you are, but when everyone finds their feet it will be fine. Remember the dogs will sort out an issues amongst themselves then one day, you'll come in and find them cosied up, and you realise everything is going to be OK. smile.gif

Good luck!!!
Bedlington Terror
ooh hope you have the camera at the ready wub.gif
Think it's only natural to feel nervous hug.gif I'm sure it will be ok though. smile.gif

wub.gif Congratulations on finding a friend for Wesley smile.gif
Like everyone else says, its perfectly normal to feel like that, when we adopted Bonnie (thru. D/P smile.gif )
we had to wait 2 weeks before she could come from Ireland, I was so excited, but the nearer it got to THE date, the more stressed I became, to the point I was ill the night before rolleyes.gif all the 'what ifs' went round and round and round unsure.gif but... everything was fine, there were a couple of 'handbags at dawn' arguements between Bonnie and Meg in the first week, One over a toy and one over the crate would you believe, Meg used it when she first came to live with me (she was my late angel.gif mums dog) and I used it for Bonnie, in case she wanted somewhere to escape from my two, but as soon as Meg saw Bonnie go in it, she wanted it back lol.gif it was soon sorted out, over in seconds!
Im sure everything will be fine and in a week or two you will wonder why you didnt do it sooner (or your O/H will wink.gif ) when you see them playing together wub.gif
Good luck and I cant wait for pics hug.gif
We added number 4 on Sunday,and my lot were not impressed smile.gif Things are getting better already and today Presh played with him for the first time. lol.gif
Oooh exciting - good luck for tomorrow - keep us posted how it goes!
Maddy's mama
It's terrifying & exciting at the same time isn't it?? I have 2 cats & when I was about to bring Maddy home last October I don't think I slept for a fortnight!! On the first night the cats slept in our daughters room while Maddy slept just outside our bedroom. After 3 nights everything was back to normal, 1 cat in daughters room, 1 in our room & Maddy just outside (that one shares a bed with Maddy now!). It'll work itself out I'm sure, just let the dogs do it in there own time & enjoy smile.gif
He's here, and he's wub.gif

He seems to get on ok with Wes, lots of competitive weeing in the garden and a bit of a play when he first got here. We walked them both and fed them, they're now in their beds snoozing.

Despite all this I feel awful, like I've ruined the nice little family set up we had before and wish I could go back to yesterday and change my mind. I'm sure once they've both settled and I've convinced OH I need a takeaway and G&T it'll be better. Pics to follow soon.
yay.gif Welcome home little doglet. It all seems to be going very well, playing together and snoozing contentedly. smile.gif Don't feel guilty i bet first doglet will be very grateful for another little mate, you may have a few teething problems but i'm sure you'll never look back. Good luck and hurry up with those pics. smile.gif
I told Kelvin to get in his bed, this is where Wes chose to lie.

A bit further away now, but they are boys after all


Tired little boy

They are like twins (but different sizes!). They are both going about their business independent of the other, but I guess it's too early for best buddies. No arguments yet and as I'm upstairs on the computer there's silence downstairs...

I have had to remove Kelvin from Wes's bed, as laid back as Wes is he loves his bed and I didn't want to cause arguments so soon. Once I have stopped watching them like a hawk (which isn't really helping them or me) I'll try to get some action photos (although with an old-ish whippet and lazy greyhound action is rare!)

Edited to resize pics (badly)
awwww wub.gif beautiful
I didn't know they were both pointies! wub.gif wub.gif
Absolutley stunning, handsome boys!! wub.gif wub.gif
smile.gif Lovely photos, gorgeous dogs. wub.gif A little mini me, but which one's which, i'm a bit confused? I've figured out Kelvin is the newby (i think) but which is the whippet and which is the greyhound?
Silly me, just reread OP. NOW i get it, Doh. dunce.gif
I'm prob not making much sense today. We've had Wesley the greyhound for almost a year, we got him from RSPCA. Kelvin the whippet arrived today, rehomed from OH of a woman at work.

Both fast asleep now and takeaway is ordered. Things feel better already. Thanks for all the good thoughts.

Two beautiful dogs! Kelvin has a very pretty little face, and I'm sure they will be best pals before you know it. Looks to be a good start!

both are just so gorgeous wub.gif
What lovely dogs, wub.gif Kelvin is so handsome, wub.gif I am sure that within a few days they will be best buddies. wub.gif Pleased that Wes has his bed back, somethings are sacred after all. lol.gif

smile.gif Congrats - I'm sure everything will settle down just fine - it's taken us a couple of weeks to 'settle' with our newbie, so there may be the odd hiccup. All the best, and look forward to some more piccies!

Awww he is an absolute darling, relax they will be fine, your Wesley looks quite happy to have a new friend to play with wub.gif
yay.gif they are both gorgeous wub.gif
They both look pleased to have eachother, but it will take a bit longer to be real buddies smile.gif
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