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Full Version: Where Has My White Dog Gone?
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Lovely walk in Burnham Beeches yesterday afternoon.
I seem to have brought a different dog home with me.... yikes.gif




Why does he look so pleased with himself??
I always wanted a white shepherd, now I'm not so sure ohmy.gif I have a white husky but the mud runs off (well mostly, apart from when she rolled in an oily pond and had to be bathed about five times) lol.gif They look very happy anyway wub.gif
Ive never had a problem with mud and Spirit, its a mirical. He shakes and it rolls off him lol.gif
QUOTE(Sandy&Spirit @ 21st Aug 2008, 11:09 pm) *

Ive never had a problem with mud and Spirit, its a mirical. He shakes and it rolls off him lol.gif

Yep, they're the Teflon dogs tongue.gif
sorry but ................... lol.gif

Charlie's the one here who often looks like that. However once he is dry I find it usually brushes off. Looks like they had great fun though. Mags lol.gif
Now there's a doggy who has had a wonderful time! lol.gif
I thought it was really funny at the time - now his coat is just grey and gritty feeling - lovely!
Bath tub this weekend....
Nina K


lol.gif lol.gif lol.gif

They look like they had a thoroughly good time. rolleyes.gif smile.gif
the girls mum
they look like they are thinking, "lets see em get that lot off!" lol.gif really funny, first laugh today! lol.gif
When my retriever got muddy I shut her in utility room with newspapers on the floor until she dried. The newspaper soaked out all the muddy wet and she was left clean.

If I went to a show which I knew would be muddy I lined the boot of the car with newspapers and the dogs were dry and clean when we got home.

The dirty papers the got dumped in the bin.
do you have a jet washer then lol.gif brilliant that is what you call happy doglets, i seem to hav teflon dogs too, the mud just slides of our staffies, i love seeing mucky pups it makes a change to see realdogs instead of beauty pagents
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